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Wapping Town Council Update – 15 July

Wapping Town Council Update – 15 July

Below is an update from Geoff Juden on the 8th July article [...read here] on the Wapping Town Council proposition (30 comments were made but because of current technical constraints, we will close further comments against that article).  Please continue to discuss here.

Noted from earlier comments that the first of several public meetings will take place on:


What’s in Wapping will aim to setup a separate section on the site over the next couple of weeks to help support debate and communications, but please be patient as it is a new web site and hadn’t anticipated this need.

Statement from Geoff Juden:

The Wapping Town Council proposal being put forward is an attempt to give a local voice to local people by giving representation to the local community. It intends to be a non-political entity that embraces the desires and aspirations of the people of Wapping and will actively strive to achieve that goal.

It will be representative of the entire community and be a listening ear and helping hand for local businesses. It will operate with the vested interests of gaining Wapping residents a fair share of available finances.

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    Now closed to further comments as an update with details of the public meeting added:
    Please continue comments there.

  • John

    I’m hoping the meeting will be minuted and I’n sure no one would relish listening to a whole meeting, especially if it gets heated . Have you ever listened to a recording of yourself, it doesn’t making good entertainment or maybe it’s just me.
    The meeting will be reported on here and by the local media. However I don’t suppose I have any real objections to it being recorded but can’t speak for others. I hope your not going to turn up in a truck with SKY LIVE in rather large letters down the side of it. Can you also just reassure us that you are in no way related to Anna Chapman and that the recording will not surreptitiously find itself appear as headline entertainment act in a dacha outside Moscow. In fact we may have to coax the comrades to come help us sieze power

  • Brock

    So those that can’t attend the public meeting, like Nadine, can see what was said?

  • John

    Brock why would you want to put it on youtube. Sorry but I don’t know if anyone would want it put on a website and I can’t seem to see any benefits to anyone if it were recorded.

  • Brock

    @Nadine I hope, with the permission of the meeting organisers, to record it, and stick it on Youtube or similar; anyone know how I can contact Geoff or someone else to discuss this?

    Re:Tobacco Dock, what can be done about it by government at any level? It’s privately owned, and other than the National Heritage listing it, preventing them from demolishing it and building flats, they can continue to leave it empty except for the odd tattoo convention….can’t they? Would be great to have it opened up again, and I hear rumours the the News International changes may improve the prospects for TD, but not really sure how.

  • John

    I know how you feel Nadine, I have no desre to pay more either but I desire the money that is spent to be spent wisely and in Wapping. If the money was better looked after then we would see improvements instead of half witted schemes like putting a zebra crossing on a blind bend as in Vaughan Way. The road surface itself lasted about three weeks before falling apart. There are other gems of money wasted and of course we have the dinosaur of Tobacco Dock all locked up and earning a fortune as land prices rise. It contributes bugger all to the local community. Our councillors have never addressed the situation. If a local council did materialise then issues like these could be tackled and money saved. Two of our councillors do not live here and so do not know what is needed. They appear in Wapping as often as England win the World Cup and like that England Team they have to be helped by others to achieve anything.

  • Nadine

    Understood :) I think a big question is funding, as we pay so much here anyway. It’s going to be difficult to accept paying even more especially when a lot of people living in Wapping hardly use the local services.

    I can’t make the meeting unfortunately but will be very interested to see what is discussed – do you know if it will it be published here or elsewhere?

  • John

    Correct Nadine but then hostility is a two way street. It is very easy to post comments and ignore the facts that are already in front of you. I find it a bit tiresome that anyone can post comments like “Our proposed town councillors (whoever they are) don’t seem to be rushing forward with that info.” If one cannot grasp from the previous posts “No one has been nominated or been put forward” that no proposed councillors exist then the post can only be construed as hostile.

    No one has been proposed or nominated as any councillor or in charge of anything. That is how it stands. If there was some reason not to publicise the meeting then obviously it would have been rather foolish to put it in the East London Advertiser.

    I have it on good authority that Panorama and Dispatches have not yet sent in undercover reporters to check it out but by next week they will be able to read all about it once again in the local editorial.

    I am also aware that no adverts have been placed in the Times, Observer, Guardian or the Sun but I can assure anyone that I can personally deliver an invitation to them if they so require it. Can’t be any fairer than that Nadine.


  • Nadine

    Just been reading through all this and don’t have an opinion yet until the facts are clearer but there seems to be a lot of hostility from those proposing it whenever anyone questions it, John?

  • John

    There are no prtoposed councillors yet Derian so there is still room for for you.

    This is a meeting to discuss the proposal to form a Town Council, it is not a meeting to propose councillors. So there are no proposed councillors hiding anywhere in the dark and failing to rush forward to say anything.

    Hope that eases your deep concerns.

  • John

    What might that reason be Ross? Maybe you are paranoid? Maybe there really is a Santa and he is not a goalkeeper by the name of Robert Green.

  • Ross

    Admit I don’t read the local papers but interesting this is the only place I’ve heard about the meeting. Maybe it’s not being publicised for a reason?

  • Fiona

    I am broadly in support but only if as Brock raises it’s a redistribution of existing funds.
    Interesting times.

  • Brock

    to be fair, Geoff posted the meeting details as well. See you all there then!

  • Derian

    @ Vickie, WIW. Thanks for the East London Advertiser link/info. Our proposed town councillors (whoever they are) don’t seem to be rushing forward with that info.

  • What’s in Wapping

    Article in East London Advertiser. Read link below and note:

    …the public meeting starts at 7pm at the Raine Street Hall, in Raine Street, Wapping on Wednesday July 28 and everyone is welcome to attend.


  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    One of the things I shall like to hear discussed is the expected budget/scope of the local council. I am concerned that it will cost us more, not just divert funds from LBTH.

    It sounds like there is a lot of disparity between parish councils – some have precepts of around £30/head, some more like £100/head.(depending on Tax band)

  • Geoff Juden

    Now it is time for the people of St.Katharine’s & Wapping to be heard, as has been understood especially from whatsinwapping website there are many matters to be addressed in the area. The public meeting to be held 28th July 19.00 hrs at The Raine Street Hall, although may not instanly address any issues raised, it will be a first step toward local democracy in St.Katharine’s & Wapping.

    I on behalf of The Steering Group offer an open ivitation to all those persons within Tower Hamlets the opportunity to be counted. Further I offer, on behalf of The Steering Group an invitaion to all councillors on Tower Hamlets Council to become involved with the democratic progress toward a Town Council in Wapping.

    Ths is an historic moment for the people of St Katharine’s & Wapping, do ot let it slip away.

    Geoff Juden

  • John

    James I believe people with a strong view about Costcutters will have strong views on other Wapping issues and these are the people who should put themselves forward to take on the issues if the council does go ahead. No one has been nominated or been put forward. This endeavour will not be run by any steering group this is just the start of a process that hopefully will create a group of residents looking after the needs of residents. It will be a learning on the road process because none of us are in possession of all the relevant facts yet. I am backing it because I have no faith in the status quo. I have no faith whatsoever in Tower Hamlets Council and I firmly believe there are better people out there who will have more interest in representing us. I hope the people who do voice concern will attend the first meeting and join with us in taking the venture down the rocky road.

    Will it succeed? I honestly do not know but if it does we will have a more representative entity looking after our interests and if it fails it can do no less than frighten our inept councillors out of their apathy. If we do fail then there may be another road we can traverse and I’m sure that thought alone will terrify Tower Hamlets.

    Robin re the parking issues. So much has been done, so many underhanded tactics used to make people who were parked legally become parked illegally. The different car parking sizes shows how incompetent or how devious the council is. Did they really employ morons who could not use an inch tape in the same manner twice. They have created car parking space sizes from about twelve to thirty feet in length and it don’t take rocket science to work out that it is wide open to legal challenges. On that issue it could be taken borough wide and finance raised to tackle it, I have no doubt Tower Hamlets would remove these individual bay signs at the first mention of legal action.

    If we did get a council established then I am sure many other borough wide issues could be tackled collectively and Tower Hamlets would quickly come to its senses in order that other areas did not declare an interest in wresting control from the puppets in Mulberry Place.

    I hope as many people as possible do turn up and get involved, it would help the process immensely if more people were pursuing answers and gaining necessary knowledge for this to go forward. Remember one very valid point, you do not need to be Albert Einstein to be a councillor, just look at Tower Hamlets finest in the town hall.

  • James

    There are a lot of comments and strong views about Costcutter http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk/costcutter-wapping-high-street/

    Is someone who would stand for one of these 12 posts willing to take this issue on to show how having a Wapping Council would actually make a difference?

  • Robin

    Another angle on the parking space debate – I’ve noticed that where there were previously areas for parking, allowing those who parked to use the space sensibly depending on the size of their vehicle, the areas have now been divided into specific parking spaces. Presumably this is for the Council to be able to make money by issuing tickets for not being in a space. Is this something that a Town Council would be able to address? I’m not an expert on traffic matters, so this is a genuine request for information!

  • Derian

    @John: target your rants dude! If you want support rather than apathy or opposition, you’ll probably have questions arising that deserve a polite answer. You might be the most transparent and democratic person in the Western world, but not *everyone* knows that yet. Well, maybe everyone except me does … there’s an uncomfortable thought.

  • http://www.WhatsinWapping.co.uk WiW

    Last 2 comments reproduced here to help with continuity

    Brock 15. Jul, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    And under the town council scenario, what would happen?

    My developing understanding is (with ref to Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, ss. 57 & 63)
    the Town Council can provide additional parking utilising public land to do so, or on the road, but only with the permission of LBTH.

    I would imagine the car club spots are tied in with a contract so can’t easily/cheaply be reversed; if I had to hazard a guess, my layman’s reading of the legislature is that parish councils can create and manage *additional* spaces, not take over control of the existing ones.

    Now one of the advantages of the Wapping council would be that LBTH has to consult them over any planning applications, so may have at least been able to object to their removal at an earlier stage.

    I should say I am a member of a car club, and until recently those we had in Wapping were incredibly oversubscribed…..Now the two biggest clubs are in the process of merging the pressure may be taken off.
    John 15. Jul, 2010 at 9:49 pm

    Indeed it is interesting but just off the cuff I will take parking spaces. As we have read on here three disabled car spaces have vanished thus depriving the disabled of a necessary facility. Trying to remedy the situation by writing to a council that employs the mentally hindered is a waste of time but by taking control of the decision making would mean that it would be a problem that could be eradicated in ten minutes. We have the Friday only parking space from 12 to 14.30 that has appeared. Now my only question would be, why the hell is it only safe to allow parking there for such hours, idiocy personified. If it’s safe to park 12 to 14.30 then it’s safe to park there full stop. Don’t get me started on the club car scenario, they are like buses, you can’t find one for love nor money and then three come along at once in nearly every street. If double yellow lines were removed to accomodate them then they are either sited in dangerous positions or the council are denying us access to parking spaces to maximise parking fines.
    No one that I know of were consulted on any of these issues. These are issues that affect a majority of people but the council have rode roughshod over everyone.

    Okay nurse double the dose to calm me down, Let me just have this lager to wash down the valium.