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Wapping Town Council – Update

Wapping Town Council – Update

Update from Geoff Juden:

A meeting of the steering committee recently met, agreeing in concert that a further public meeting be held early September north of the ward. We will let people know, soon as confirmed.

Further, it was agreed to request people who may be interested in having a Town Council in Wapping to put their names forward as potential members for the shadow council. People will then be able to addess issues of concern and receive answers.

The petition will soon be on line, plus an ability to sign will be in place in designated units. Information to follow shortly.

I have received information that the Shoreditch area is interested in our progress, thus will soon call a meeting of it’s own, for a local council. Other information received being The Isle of Dogs may be interested in our progress.

You have recently been informed by local press on monies being given to The Davenant Centre and Rich MIx, these venues having a controversial history. Tower Hamlets Council have a view alternative to the persons view on the street, I believe it is time for people to have a say in their area’s developement, it can only be good for democracy, which is sadly lacking in our borough.

Should you wish a better way of governance, a more local way of governance, you now have the chance. A Town Council for Wapping.

I urge you on behalf of all who are involved in The Town called Wapping, to sign the petition.

Geoff Juden

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  • Paulie-K

    I think the tone of the piece is fair, though given the lack of control over proceedings his view was probably dictated by who was shouting the loudest near him. I certainly heard people saying that they had never *seen* Denise Jones, not that they didn’t know she was a Councillor.

    As for who the author is, there’s a biography a few posts earlier in his blog that he’s a former journalist and was blogging in favour of a mayor.

    Does anyone know how many signatures are on the petition?

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    Interesting link thanks. Not sure I agree with all of his description of the meeting.

  • Pete

    A Wapping independence – Some locals can’t wait for October 21 They want to see action now


    Interesting blog articles here. Anyone know who the reporter is?

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    @John. I’d definitely be interested in becoming more involved; though at what level I can’t say without better understanding the time commitment. Can you drop me a line through my website?

  • Lisa

    Does anyone know if Neil King from Wapping who’s running for Tower Hamlets mayor is supportive of this? And how they would fit together?

  • Ross

    It would be really helpful for those of us not directly involved to have a Q&A of all the points raised as Brock suggests as there have been a lot of questions asked but not sure there are answers to many of them. But as he says would be nice to have some clarity over what we know Vs still need to find out.

  • John

    No Brock you do not have to sign the petition to be considered for the shadow council. I would hope you support the idea and be willing to get involved. As stated previously I have absolutely no desire whatsoever in raising a precept and I think we both share the same platform on that issue., I did voice opinion last night about asking you to join in this venture. Now you have asked the question and you have a reply, will you be interested in getting involved.

    As for the info you put up earlier, I just had time for a fleeting glance before trying to repair the printer and that story caught my eye. Another vast sum of money that evaporated. I’ll read the rest in a bit. I wasn’t having a go at you Paul, just a snide go at my trustworthy council. This however does not affect your stautory rights and our no quibble thirty day returns policy on wives and girlfriends.

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    John, I quoted both the press coverage (4 times) and the council’s response(once),for those like me that didn’t have a clue about those particular controversies. If you interpret that as quoting council’s version as though it were bible truth I cannot follow your reasoning. It’s healthy to be aware of both sides of any story.

  • John

    I find it strange Brock that you quote the council’s own propaganda as though it is a bible of all truth.

    The first one I read was oct 3 2008 which contains “We want to make it absolutely clear that Lutfur Ali is not facing any investigation concerning his recent appointment as Assistant Chief Executive.”

    Then ponder why he resigned and was quoted by many as not having the credentials for the job. He also was frugal with the truth in his application.

    Please save me from reading the council’s guff because it has more fairytales and stories than the Whitechapel library. A council of crooks, conmen and bigots.

  • Brock

    Sorry one more question please Geoff.

    Is it a requirement to sign/support the petition to be considered for the shadow council?

  • Brock

    Stories Geoff refers to can be found here:

    Rich Mix calls on Tower Hamlets council for cash bail-out

    Tower Hamlets councillors object to Rich Mix bail-out

    Crisis-hit Rich Mix to get £500k from Tower Hamlets council

    Fury over council cash to bail out East End youth centre (Davenant Centre)

    LBTH response to Davenant Centre story

    As far as I can find, the venues themselves are not particularly controversial, more their requirement on public funding.

    Interesting that other areas are discussing similar schemes too – I presume Geoff you’ll also be supporting any efforts for your own ward (Weaver’s) as well as ours?

  • Flash-Harry


    Could you clarify- does ‘north of the ward’ mean ‘in the north of the ward’ or ‘north of the boundary of the ward’. Also, how many signatures do you have and how are you verifying their validity (clearly opponents could cause problems by falsely signing and discrediting the petition) or do LBTH have to do this?

    Who will be speaking at this next event?

    One last point- ahead of the next meeting could you go through all the points asked on these fora and provide answers or just say you don’t have the information?

    Cheers and thanks for the good work