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2012 Wapping Summer Shindig organising meeting – 22 February

2012 Wapping Summer Shindig organising meeting – 22 February

Saturday 23rd June 2012 is the date set for this year’s Wapping Summer Shindig.

Wapping made local history with the first ever Summer Shindig on 9th July 2011 and lifelong residents were (and still are) saying, “I’ve never seen anything like it”.

So get involved and join the Turk’s Head charity for the first organising meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd February at the Turk’s Head Cafe.

Help organise the 2012 Wapping Summer Shindig

Wapping Summer Shindig 2012 - organising meeting

Wapping Shindig 2012 – events and attractions

Events for this year are yet to be decided by the organising group.

We especially loved the children’s Wapping Olympics on Wapping Green last year – part way during the afternoon, the kids decided adults were having way too much fun with the tug of war and joined in with their own unofficial version.


Meeting at 7pm on Wednesday 22nd February

Please email turksheadcharity@gmail.com or call 0207 488 4801 if you can’t make the meeting on Wednesday 22nd February, but would like to get involved.

If you need any convincing, or weren’t around last year, then take a look at what happened here in E1W on Saturday 9th July 2011 [read article].