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Shops and Amenities for Wapping (update)

Shops and Amenities for Wapping (update)

Wapping already has some great shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Thank you to residents who have written and shared reviews of favourite Wapping places to eat and drink. There are still some missing, but by the end of the year we hope to have most of them covered.

Please get in touch if your favourite’s not included and you’d like to write for the site – the resident reviews are always the most popular pages on the site and everyone finds them really useful!

What does Wapping still Lack and Need?

NEW: Wapping Library Update

Wapping Library closed in 2007 and a number of residents contacted Tower Hamlets Council asking for it to be reinstated. Councillor Emma Jones recently received a response dated 17 September from LBTH who have concluded that there is insufficient demand for such as service in Wapping.

[View LBTH Response: PDF (1.2 MB)]

Does Wapping Want and Need a Library?

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  • JcheadIII

    As resident of Wapping, I will not support a restaurant that does not suport famlies.  smits will not allow families for lunch even on Sundays.  My wife and I and our 5 year old daughter were told that tha were not welcome on Sunday lunch.  I will not supprt restaurants that descrimibate.

    John C Head III

  • MP

    I have been to the one in Essex a few years ago. It was reasonably upmarket but the food was absolutely amazing and I’m thoroughly looking forward to Smiths opening in early 2011.

    It’s nice to see the old Smollensky’s site re-opening as it is a splendid location on the river. And a fish restaurant is also a nice and different addition to what Wapping already has to offer in terms of dining.

  • Dan

    Was very happy to see a sign in the window of the old Smollensky’s saying ‘Smith’s – famous for fish’ will be opening there in early 2011. Looks like it is the second location of an Essex restaurant — here is the website: http://www.smithsbrasserie.com/. A bit upmarket (for better or worse) compared to what’s currently in Wapping. Interesting that the current location doesn’t accept anyone under 12 years old. Anyone have any information on this place apart from what I was able to find with the magic of Google?

  • BigJohnnyRed

    Just came across this proposal for the redevelopment of Watney Market Library/Ideastore while I was renewing my library books – http://www.ideastore.co.uk/en/articles/libraries_idea_store_watney_market – looks good and is walking distance from Wapping for us. Just hope they don’t spend all the funding on over-designing the building (just keep it functional!) and way too many internet computers – please remember the books, particularly the childrens section!

    The amazing thing with London libraries I’ve found is the ability to reserve books online from any library across the London area and be able to collect them free of charge from your local branch, greatly expanding the collection available to you.

  • Helen

    I would have joined Wapping Library had I known about it. I enrolled at Watney Market libary instead as I thought this was my nearest and I was often busy up there then. Only then did I receive an info sheet detailing the Wapping branch address and opening times (about three afternoons a week). It seemed a moribund place, perhaps because closure was anticipated and the service run down. There are plans for a new Ideas Store costing x million pounds in Commercial Road to replace Watney Street library. It is pointless trying to estimate the value of a library in terms of numers of books borrowed, as many other useful activities take place there, from folk surfing the web, to reading reference-only material and a wide collection of periodicals and local info, to discussion groups, dvd hire, free health checks (bit public IMO) and coffee mornings (to name just some of the events I’ve bumped into at the Watney branch). I’d prefer a mini-library like that here in Wapping. If enough people asked for it (with specific services desired itemised) we might stand a chance, dunno. Suitable premises would be an obvious issue.

  • Paulie-K

    Based on the numbers using the old library, it would require a Lazarene recovery in usage to make this worthwhile. Just because people say they want a library does not unfortunately mean they will use it.

  • Geoff Juden

    Surely, should enough people in the ward wish a facility, they should have it. Anytime, especially for St.Katharine’s & Wapping, a proposal is placed before Tower Hamlets Council, for a community facility, it will be refused on the grounds of not needed or costs.

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    I might have used it if I had known about it :)

  • Paulie-K

    The question is Brock- did you use the library before it closed?

    Whilst in an ideal world I would love to see a library in Wapping, realistically it doesn’t seem viable, given that there idea stores in Watney Market and the Highway. When I lived oop north, I’d happily travel 5 miles to use a library. Whilst for the elderly and disabled that may be no comfort, there comes a point where additional services are not cost effective and the money put to better use. Given the transport links to the other libraries (East London Line and the D3 and 100 buses) and that the council is offering to post books, I would argue that the area is being catered for adequately.

    My only suggestion would be if any properties used by the council could be used as a drop off point.

    As for current trends on library usage, book borrowing is in perpetual decline almost universally from what I’ve read (there is a potential vicious cycle re closures, but that’s a debate on cause and effect). If you want stats visit the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council or DCMS’ websites.