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A Waeppa of a 9th July planned in E1W

Turks Head Meeting Summer Shindig

9th July is looking to be a Waeppa of a date for E1W this year.

We discovered on Tuesday at the Turks Head Summer Shindig meting that plans have also been underway for a Wapping Flower Show at Tobacco Dock on the same date.

Christine Trumper leading the Flower Show proposal explained they were in the final stages of agreement and charitable registration with Community Solutions.

Details are still to be confirmed but both parties welcomed a teaming of efforts to make 9th July an annual Wapping event to remember.

Turks Head Trustees Jon Aldenton and Geraldine Davies will now join a meeting with Christine and Community Solutions tonight.

Wapping’s Summer Shindig plans

18 “Wappingites” attended a meeting on 1st March chaired by Jon Aldenton to plan the Turks Head Summer Shindig. It will be a Wapping summer party aiming to celebrate all aspects of the Wapping community.

Turks Head Meeting Summer Shindig

Those present included local historian Ray Newton, Brendan from Hermitage Moorings and local politician Geoff Juden. The Wapping Bangladeshi Association were unable to make Tuesday but are understood to be involved in the preparations.

Wapping Shindig Events for 9th July

The budget hasn’t been agreed yet but Trustees are speaking to local businesses to ask for their support. Hussey’s butcher on Wapping Lane have already come forward and volunteered to throw a BBQ and donate all proceeds to charity.

Activities and events proposed by those at the meeting will be researched to determine feasibility and include:

  • Treasure Hunt
  • Children’s fancy dress show
  • Wapping’s got talent show
  • Music from Wapping: jazz, choir, TBC
  • Wapping Olympics: three legged race, wellie throwing, egg and spoon
  • Pub teams tug of war
  • Children’s show by Pollyanna Training Theatre
  • Photograph exhibition from the Bancroft archives
  • Tour and exhibition by Wapping Marine River Police
  • Market of stalls in conjunction with St Peter’s Centre
  • History walks
  • Boat trips along the Thames from Hermitage Moorings
  • Home made cake competition
  • Ice cream stall and BBQ
  • Film at the Wapping Project

The Wapping Shindig venue

The Green on Wapping Lane and Wapping Rose Garden were proposed as viable locations for the party. The next meeting will visit both sites and agree the venue in conjunction Health and Safety officials from Tower Hamlets.

Next meeting 10am Saturday 12th March

Another open invite for everyone in Wapping to help plan the Summer Shindig and review the proposed locations.

Meet at the Turks Head Cafe 10am on Saturday 12th March or call Amanda Day on 07910 798 307 with suggestions if you’re unable to attend.


  • Anonymous

    Good point Debbie! No doubt we wil be seeing a generous donation from Happiness at Work in the not so distant future :)

  • Debbie Berg

    Happiness at Work is a local business … how much are they donating?

  • Anonymous

    There seem to be various things going on in London re community street parties. You can win a royal wedding street party if you enter this competition: http://www.visitlondon.com/weddingcake/ and there is also The Big Lunch project which you can find here: http://www.thebiglunch.com/

    Dont think the Waeppa Shindig date has been scheduled to fit with these dates however….

  • Josephine

    Was reading today that Boris has appointed Babs Windsor as Street Party Ambassador to promote exactly this type of event. Maybe we’ll get her to come along!

  • Phil

    Suggest a Fun Dog Show. Perhaps we could ask local resident Graham Norton if he’d be a judge with his dog Bailey (his other dog is unfortunately not good with other dogs). A Fun Dog Show was done a few years back in KEMP and local dog wardens attended offering free microchipping, clean up bags and general advice.