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Plans for a Wapping Royal Wedding in E1W

Plans for a Wapping Royal Wedding in E1W

From 6pm tonight the celebrations kick off with a Stag and Hen party in nearby St Katherine Docks.

Pims and champagne will flow until midnight marking the start of a four day extravaganza finishing on Sunday with Chillout on the Docks.

But what about Wapping?

Apart from the Captain Kidd (open as usual) our Wapping pubs are all planning a special day to help us celebrate and there’s also word of a small street party.

Wapping pubs and bar

Wapping pubs are flying patriotic flags high and the wedding ceremony will be shown on televisions and screens at them all so you won’t be able to miss it. Normal opening hours apply.

Wapping pubs prepare for Royal WeddingStart the day with a Royal breakfast in Wapping High Street at the Town of Ramsgate and join them for afternoon tea at 2pm [..view details].

For a champagne breakfast with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, visit the White Swan and Cuckoo between 10.30am – 12.30am. Watch on their big screen at lunchtime and find free cucumber, salmon and egg mayo sandwiches.

The Prospect of Whitby will bring even bigger screens to the bar for the ceremony and serve a special bar menu to help punters celebrate.

Wapping Vineyard (formerly James Wallace Wines) is bringing in a television and offering customers a free buffet between 12pm – 2pm. At 7pm you can join them for a post-wedding free malt whisky tasting.

Turners Old Star in Watts Street are putting on a special buffet and offering a free glass of Pims to customers who join them and their big screen to watch the ceremony.

“Englands Glory” is the celebratory cask ale at the White Swan and Cuckoo where they’ll be rounding off the day singing a fun night of karaoke.

Wapping pubs prepare for Royal Wedding

Husseys Butcher WappingStreet parties in Wapping

News that bunting is allowed came so late that many Wappingites abandoned plans for a party.

The only Wapping street party we know of is in West Gardens but maybe others have kept them quiet just in case.

Our local shops in E1W have everything you need for a last minute party so it’s not too late to go shopping if you change your mind.


A Wapping Wedding

Whatever your views on the Royal Wedding we think it’s brilliant to see the Wapping spirit coming out and plan to make the most of it.

What’s in Wapping wishes you a very happy extended bank holiday.


  • Jayne

    Why do the Captain Kidd never join in anything?