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Riverboat at Wapping Pier: Resident Update

Riverboat at Wapping Pier: Resident Update

An update from resident Rob following the July article:

We have had a good response to the online survey with the overwhelming majority (97%) strongly in favour. A couple of concerns were voiced from residents who overlook the pier on the basis of aesthetics and noise, however it is still felt that the clipper service would be less disruptive than the current pier operators.

The survey indicated that there would be strong use from Wapping pier both for commuters and leisure travellers. A local transport accessibility survey has also been undertaken showing that the clipper stop would improve Wapping’s travel rating.

The costing exercise for the pier is underway with engineer drawings of the upgraded pier in the process of being drawn up. On the funding side, TFL have said that due to a lack of cash they will not be able to invest – instead they are prioritising funds for the extension of Tower pier, and putting a roof on Greenwich pier in time for the Olympics.

We will be shortly setting up a meeting with the local council to try and persuade them that this is a worthy cause to invest.

Have you completed the travel survey?

If not, we’d really appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to ANSWER A FEW QUESTIONS to help establish the business case for a Wapping riverboat:

Further updates will be published as they’re available but please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.

[Previous 11 July 2010 Update]

The Wapping Riverboat site can be found at www.wappingriverboat.co.uk. Please complete the brief travel survey [...COMPLETE IT HERE] to support the Wapping Riverbus Campaign and help build the business case further.

Petition Update

Firstly thanks for your support !

We’ve had an overwhelming response with close to 1,500 signatures across our paper and website petitions. It appears to have been the missing link in building the case for the river boat service in Wapping. Thanks to your support bringing the riverboat service to wapping is now a very real possibility.

The two main organisations involved are extremely supportive: Thames Clippers who run the boat service are keen to expand the river network and Woods River Cruises who own the Pier have an alternative site which they could relocate to under the right conditions.

Local MP Jim Fitzpatrick has been lobbying on our behalf. As well as proving very popular for Wapping residents it is also being supported by local businesses. There is support from News International and the owners of the offices st Thomas More square (Land Securities) who have indicated that they would like to see the river boat become part of an integrated transport policy for their employees.

Wapping Pier

What’s Next?

Survey – we have compiled a short survey to better understand prospective passenger behaviour and to understand passenger volumes. This will be really important information that can be used in follow up meetings as well as to help Thames Clippers predict passenger volumes against capacity. We would be really grateful if you could take a couple of minutes to complete this [...Wapping Riverboat Survey]

In order for this to happen we require a relatively modest (in the grand scheme of things) investment. Additional work is going on to determine the cost of upgrading the pier at Wapping to make it suitable for public use, however given the fact it is already an operational pier it is likely to be considerably less than building a new pier from scratch.

Thanks once again for your support. There are a number if meetings lined up for the next few weeks and we will update you with any key developments.  In the meantime

Please complete the survey & encourage as many other interested people to do the same

MP Update: Jim Fitzpatrick

I have been trying to support local residents who have been lobying Thames Clippers for a commuter stop for their river service at Wapping.

There is strong support from local businesses and I have been making connections for the campaign. I will keep the organisers posted with responses I await from TfL, Mayor Boris and others.

Best Wishes, Jim

(12 July 2010)

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  • Phil

    Thanks for the update Rob. I think everyone will be very interested to hear what involvement the new council will have in this as there is almost universal support in Wapping I believe. Are they involved in the campaigning and representing Wapping in the meetings?

  • Rob

    Regarding the SS Robin, there could be synergies since the SS Robin is looking for a location with it’s own pier and the Wapping river boat needs an upgraded pier but has a location. We don’t want to couple the two together however, as they have very different issues that need to be resolved. Whilst there could be benefits to bringing the steamship to Wapping it’s not what the campaign was set up to do. We therefore want to focus mainly on the case for bringing the riverboat to Wapping independently of the SS Robin

  • Pete H

    Thanks for the update as thought this may have been off the cards now.
    Is it something that the town council will drive and take forward for Wapping?

  • James

    Interesting article on the BBC website as part of BBC London’s River Thames week about the SS Robin, an old cargo steamer which might make its way to Wapping!


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