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Wapping’s record-breaking bollards

Wapping’s record-breaking bollards

“Wapping’s bollards might just be the smallest in the world” says London’s bollard authority, ‘Bollards of London’.

Standing just 15 inches high, these tiny ‘pepper pot’ bollards can be found on the corner of Thomas More Street and St Katharine’s Way.

Unlike most of the bollards in Wapping that originate from 19th century Napoleonic cannons, these are modern bollards that mark the boundary between a level road and pavement.

If these are the smallest standing bollards then Wapping has London’s and quite possibly the world’s smallest bollards according to Bollards of London.

Wapping's smallest and possibly record breaking bollards

Wapping's smallest and possibly record breaking bollards

Visit Bollards of London’s blog – a site dedicated to those rather odd looking pavement objects, for more bollard news at www.bollardsoflondon.blogspot.com/

But, have you seen a smaller bollard?


  • Tonyroome

    Not so much bollards as trip hazards!

  • http://twitter.com/baynesmark Mark Baynes

    They probably are the smallest bollards in the world but as they are Wapping bollards they are definitely the best :)