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Wapping becomes an island for London 2012 Olympics

Wapping becomes an island for London 2012 Olympics

“It will be harder to get around certain areas of the city” says the Olympic Route Network (ORN) website, optimistically describing it as “business as unusual”.

The road restrictions come into force from late June 2012 when route testing begins until the London Olympics finishes in September 2012.

Traffic from Wapping will be unable to turn east along the Highway except at the junctions with Vaughan Way and Glamis Road where pedestrian crossings are closed and Highway traffic moving ahead only.

D100 and D3 bus routes will be redirected and route changes are unconfirmed but inevitable.

Review the Olympic and Paralympic route network proposals, attend the TfL drop in sessions and provide feedback to make sure Wapping does not become an isolated island for London 2012.

Public engagement

TfL are asking for our views on the proposed changes. Phase 2 of the consultation runs from 9th May to 6th June and includes drop in sessions where representatives from TfL are available to provide information and answer questions.

Everyone in Wapping should have received a map and invitation to attend events through their letterboxes last week but we heard last night that many residents have not.

We are based in the heart of Wapping High Street and only became aware of the consultation after resident comments on What’s in Wapping’s Facebook page and Twitter.

TfL drop in session at Raines Hall on Monday 23rd May

TfL representatives did their best to explain the proposals using a large map but they were forced to write all over it because detail and alternative route information in and out of Wapping was missing.

TfL staff at the event accepted the maps were “unclear and slightly contradictory”.

Image Wapping TfL drop in Raines HouseThe session closed at 7.30pm and we left Raines Hall with other residents who were also confused about the proposals and exactly how they will operate.

Further drop in sessions are scheduled for the Tower Hill to Blackwall route, today from 4.30pm to 7.30pm at the Holiday Inn Express on The Highway and on Friday 27th May from 5.30pm to 8pm at Asda on the Isle of Dogs. For more information see the Events Calendar on the TfL website.

Wapping views on the ORN and PRN

During the last hour at Raines Hall in Wapping, these were some of the concerns we heard raised by worried residents:

  • The maps are unclear. We need better information similar to that produced for the London Marathon showing exactly which routes will be open and including the surrounding area.
  • Turning right into the Highway is so restricted that Wapping will be unable to travel east.
  • Alternative routes use the A12 and A13 but these are already gridlocked and will not cope with extra traffic.
  • The Tower Bridge junction is key in using alternative routes from Wapping but again is overused already and will become a bottleneck with traffic backed up along the Highway for miles.
  • The Butcher Row and Cable Street restrictions are unworkable and alternative routes unacceptable.
  • Cannon Street Road is the main route to the London Hospital and already an accident hotspot which will become even more dangerous after the changes.
  • The routes come into effect in June before school holidays. School children will need to take longer and more hazardous routes to cross busy roads so as a minimum crossing patrols must be supervised during school hours.
  • The disabled who have to use their cars to get around will be stranded in Wapping for four months.
  • Exactly what are the changes to the D3 and 100 bus routes? [TfL explained these are not yet defined and will be agreed during the consultation with the wider transport network].
  • TfL should look into better use of the river and public transport instead of our roads which would also reduce the pollution cost

We question the impact of these changes on Wapping’s local businesses and their trade.

“People won’t be able to get around and earn a living. My guys will refuse to work here”, said a City Sprint employee collecting the exhibition stands at the end of the session last night before concluding firmly “It won’t work”!

Once every 50 years

Some residents are more positive and contest claims that Wapping residents are not being listened to.

East London Lines also attended the drop in session yesterday and have reported that Paula of Chatman House in Wapping said “It’s not set in stone and they [TfL] have sort of taken everything into account” adding “This is supposed to be the Olympics for London and all they [local residents] are worried about is their shopping bags”.

Wapping feedback for phase 2 by 6th June 2011

TfL have employed experts to work with them on the ORN and PRN but the best logistics experts in the world cannot replace local knowledge of roads and traffic issues.

Please visit www.tfl.gov.uk/ORN for more information and give your feedback before the consultation closes on 6th June.

London 2012 and the Olympics is going ahead, but Wapping should not become an isolated island surrounded by gridlocked traffic.


  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    are they removing the under the road crossings as well (one by Katherine Docks, one by Shadwell Basin)?  I don’t see why they would….

  • Geoff Juden

    Many people are concerned about the removal of pedestrian crossings across The Highway.  I’m sure that people fromSt.Katharine’s Docks will not wish to walk to Wapping Woods in order to cross The Highway.  Hopefully there will be no road accidents during the time of The Olympics, however if there are?

  • Geoff Juden

    Apparently Tfl are to take away three pedesrian crossings, leaving only the pedestrian crosing from Wapping Woods to Dellow Street.

    Surely this is indeed a matter of road safety.  I am sure persons at either end of The Highway would not wish to walk to Wapping Woods to cross the road.

  • Ant

    Here on Discovery Walk we did receive a letter containing info on the proposals. One single letter, posted in the main letter box of a block containing 9 flats. Pathetic!

  • Alison

    We too have received nothing from TFL.  I have now left comments on the consultation page of TFL’s site.  I am particularly concerned about closing pedestrian crossings on the Highway.  Crossing this road with young children is bad enough, when the crossings are in operation.  Unacceptable.

  • Janie

    First I’ve heard of it and I wonder who TFL did deliver leaflets to as no one in our block received anything?

  • Blogadoon

    Assuming Overground access remains unaffected, my main concern is getting home after midnight. 

    The map suggests the (already infrequent) N551 night bus service will be suspended along The Highway. Are post-midnight Olympic-traffic really expected to be so elevated that two buses an hour would seriously interfere?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.baynes Mark Baynes

    Are these TfL people trained in consultation by the same people who trained Thames Water? I only got a leaflet through my door a couple of days before this event. I think most people will put up with a certain amount of inconvenience for the sake of the games, but people should still be able to get out and about, especially the disabled. Four months is a LONG time!