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Size and location of the new Wapping High School

Size and location of the new Wapping High School

An application has been submitted to the Department of Education to open a co-educational secondary school in Wapping in September 2012.

A small village style school with 450 – 600 children, but the location’s undecided as yet.

A better use of Wapping’s Grade 1 listed Tobacco Dock than a Tobacco Dock Hotel?

See the Wapping High website www.WappingHigh.org for information about the new school and our previous article highlighting the aims, objectives and growing demand for secondary education in Wapping, Shadwell and Limehouse.

How big and where in E1W will the secondary school be?

Previous comments on What’s in Wapping raised concerns about the impact a secondary school could have on our small community. The Wapping and Shadwell Education Trust have provided answers to these important questions.

What is the proposed size of the school?

According to the Office of National Statistics 700 teenagers currently live in Wapping and approximately 1500 teenagers live in Shadwell. The combined total number of teenagers in Wapping and Shadwell is expected to exceed 3000 by 2014 as the millennium baby boomers become teenagers and due to the decrease in mobility resulting from the financial crisis.

The Trust has applied to open a small co-educational secondary school for between 450 – 600 children using the model of a village comprehensive school. It is clear that a school as small as this would not even cater for all the children in Wapping. However, we expect that a number of parents will still prefer to send their children to other schools for specific reasons (e.g. single sex or faith). Limiting the school size will prevent an influx of children from other areas, there just wouldn’t be the spaces.

Where will the school be located?

The Trust is working with private landlords and local and central government to identify a suitable site for the school. We are looking at a number of different sites both north and south of the Highway. Our personal preference is Tobacco Dock. This would bring back into use a much loved local building and enable it to be taken off the at risk register. Both English Heritage and LBTH planners appear supportive and we are in discussions with the owners to see if we can agree reasonable rental terms.

John Orwell sports centre has been identified by the LBTH as being the second most suitable council owned site for a secondary school in Tower Hamlets. The Trust is discussing the possibility of locating the new school on this site. There is sufficient unused land within the site to build a new school for up to 450 pupils without any negative impact on the existing sports centre. The sports centre would remain open both day and night for use by the community. At the weekends, holidays and in the evenings the sports centre would expand to make use of school buildings.

Adding value to the Wapping community

It is essential to us that the plans for the new school add value to the local community, of which we are all members. We are doing our utmost to be sensitive to needs of the wider community while trying to resolve the widely recognised lack of provision for education for local youngsters.

View the full response from the Wapping and Shadwell Education Trust [PDF 823k]

Questions and ideas about Wapping High School

The Wapping and Shadwell Education Trust invites and will take into account all constructive ideas and questions so please add your comments and we will of course pass these on.

Please respect our commenting policy and understand personal attacks, abusive and potentially libellous comments will not be published.

Support the Wapping High School campaign

If you’d like to help and support the campaign for Wapping High School please contact the Wapping and Shadwell Education Trust who need funds to cover admistrative costs, marketing and publicity and to pay for the services of professional experts.

The project is currently being run entirely by un-paid volunteers.


  • http://twitter.com/ShredniVashtari ShredniVashtar

    Several of my neighbours with chidren are moving out, not because there is no secondary school but because they want a house and garden and there are precious few of these in Wapping. I’d love a secondary school but only if it is a state-run one. I am not in love with LBTH or any other local authority but if my taxes are paying for a school I want it to be accountable to the Council, ie the public at long remove. If folk want an elitist private-style school they should fund it themselves. Free schools IMO are a privatised halfway house that takes public money away from local state schools which badly need it, esp in this borough.

  • Jane E

    We’re thinking of moving to the area so it’s great to hear that there will be a secondary school in Wapping. Our children are still at nursery but it’s something we were thinking hard about as the current options are limited unless you’re able to travel.
    Good luck with the proposals and a Tobacco Dock school would be amazing as that area looked so neglected when we visited.

  • Anonymous

    Well maybe Medina House would if we leaned on them a little…. as in ‘we wont oppose your hotel if you lease Tobacco Dock to the nice school people at a decent price’ but if you don’t play nice with then you can take your hotel somewhere else. (Oops! Might have upset Jonny Baby with that comment. Sorry Jonny!)

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    would love tobacco dock school, would think it unlikely that Medina House would want to lease it at a sensible price though. Good to see Jon still spouting his nonsense :) (also hotel plans don’t clash with school plans)

    Oh and also:
    :) :)

  • Jon

    A hotel at Tobacco dock will bring money, jobs, tourists, business to the area in a time of great financial hardship for many.

    A school at Tobacco dock will bring drugs, alcohol, crime, and anti-social behaviour to the area.

    Why are you even asking the question?

  • Anonymous

    Very interesting! Turning Tobacco Dock into a school is such a fantastic idea! I can just see it now. And of course with two replica ships on school land – surely unique for a school in inner London (joke) – there is plenty of scope for introducing the kids to the concept of walking the plank if they step out of line :)

    Enough frivolity – Kerstyn and Jon are doing an excellent job.

    Although I was surprised to see John Orwell mentioned as a secondary option it would be silly to have to make double use of this site when Tobacco Dock houses nothing but a security guard and the occasional tattoo convention.

    Good luck with this!