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Arrival of the Wapping duckings

Arrival of the Wapping duckings

A group of fourteen new mallard ducklings appeared on Wapping’s ornamental canal last Friday, 13th April.

The ducklings, believed to be newly born were seen swimming along the stretch of the canal between Wapping Woods and Shadwell Basin.

On Saturday, the tiny ducklings enjoyed the spring weather and came out of the water onto the path, sunbathing right the middle of it. Even the Wapping joggers stopped at the sight of them!

By Sunday, the ducklings appeared to have left – possibly moved onto a safer location by the RSPCA.

Wapping duckling action from the weekend

Watch the ducklings in their very cute and sleepy action here from the weekend, courtesy of resident Mark Baynes (Baynes Media):


Perhaps the ducklings needed a rest because it was such hard work swimming amongst all the weed on the section of the canal they were in?

Very young yellow duckling on Wapping ornamental canal

Wapping wildlife for Spring 2012

A separate group of eight mallard ducklings living on Shadwell Basin were safely swimming around today and the, now three week old, Egyptian goose goslings are looking exceptionally well.

Swans building a nest on duck island at Shadwell Basin in Wapping

The swan nest on Duck Island in Shadwell Basin is getting larger each day too so it’s looking like 2012 could be a bumper one for the Wapping wildlife population.

Have you spotted any other signs of spring wildlife in Wapping this year?