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Wapping Local Town Council

Wapping Local Town Council

A meeting led by Geoff Juden was held in Wapping on Wednesday 7th July on the viability of a local council for St.Katharine’s & Wapping.

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Town Council for Wapping

The unanimous decision by all those present was that the people of the ward go forward with the venture and form a Town Council with a Mayor.

Those present will review documentation and reconvene next week to agree an action plan for the next stages.

…a Town to be called Wapping?

  • Derian

    @John. All I did was to ask you what was wrong with the meetings being publicised and public. What’s with this “Now just run it by me how often Tower Hamlets and Lap areas allow local residents to turn up unannouned and enter and take part in meetings.” response? Also, I’m not a member of a political faction and never have been. Which political faction are you? Good grief.

  • Robin

    Is there an actual date / time / venue for the meeting as yet? Will this page be the main “invitation” – if not, what other means will be used?

  • John

    All political factions can attend the public meeting in two weeks times. I’m sure brock and derian will ensure their political parties are present and I look forward to meeting them all to discuss the problem of returning democracy to Wapping.

  • John

    The responsibilities removed from council control can be from litter right through to planning, there will be no restrictions or limitations as to what powers are removed, after all TH has a historical list of abject failure in most aspects of life. Councillors who do not live here fail in their everyday obligations to the residents. Now it’s time for a change.

  • John

    Derian I don’t recall meetings of any faction being made oublic and the world and their sister invited. The people invited were of a mind that a town council is a viable option. It is unecessary to invite anyone and everyone against that issue to turn up while we proceeded to grasp the regulations. Now just run it by me how often Tower Hamlets and Lap areas allow local residents to turn up unannouned and enter and take part in meetings.
    The people spearheading it
    John Rush
    Geoffrey Juden
    and other residents intrigued at how so much money can be accounted for an area but so little ever finding it’s way to the local arena.

    The funding would come from Tower Hamlets but the finance can come from mainstream budgets which are raised, we would be seeking per capita funding.

    The meetings were public, we do not deny entrance to anyone unlike any member of the public trying to access a lap meeting.

    Now I’m sure you would like to bring your involvement in politics to the fore showing you have no political axe to grind.I would inquire as to your valid objections to peruse and see if they are valid.

    I do not hide my views, I detest this council for it’s incessant waste of money. Now I am sure you have valid reasons to defend the council. By airing them here we can move things along quicker.

  • Brock

    “And if you care to air your concerns here I’ll try to have answers for you by the time the meeting occurs.”

    A few questions on my mind:

    1) Who are the people spearheading this?

    2) What are the benefits of such a scheme?

    Then from skimming the info at:
    4) Am I right in thinking that the council would have the power to collect tax locally, and this would be the primary source of income for it, not re-allocated funds from LBTH?

    5) Is it correct that the 12 councillors would be voluntary roles,not paid ones?

    6) What responsibilities would pass from LBTH to a Local Council, if any?

  • Derian

    @John – what’s wrong with *all* of the meetings being public and publicised?

  • Brock

    “What do you suggest we do to get a consensus then….” Wait until there’s a widely-publicised, well- attended meeting before declaring “unanimous” support maybe :)

    Glad this site will be used to communicate though, and further information is welcome, despite my jibes!

  • John

    The public meeting will be exactly for people like yourself who wish to say whatever they wish. The petitiion is not democratic, the vote of yay or nae is no better. What do you suggest we do to get a consensus then, why was it okay to trigger a referendum in Tower Hamlets but not good enough democracy for others. And if you care to air your concerns here I’ll try to have answers for you by the time the meeting occurs.
    Councillors of all parties will be invited, it’s no secret society, it is people with like minded views looking to get a better deal for the people of Wapping. As for another layerr of government, no it won’t it will be the local people dealing with local issues in the local environment and not the whistle down the wind routine we have endured down the years as councillors have simply ignored Wapping.

  • Brock

    Though I look forward to the public meeting – presumably there will be time allocated for people who may oppose the idea to offer their arguments as well….

  • Brock

    @John. Petitions are not democratic. It’s easy to produce a list of names that agree with you, and say – “look, this is what the people want”, regardless of how many don’t sign, or aren’t asked. Meetings where people are asked yay or nay are marginally better, unless the meeting happens to consist only of people with a certain viewpoint.

    Don’t suppose you’re willing to expand on “meetings between various people” are you?

  • John

    Geoff will not be standing as only residents in the area will be able to stand. That means our two Labour councillors could not stand as they do not live in the area. This has no Liberal agenda and it is from meetings between various people that the idea was founded. It stems from the fact that the residents of Wapping have been constantly ignored. Finance is always used elsewhere. It is hoped that the people of Wapping will end up with a voice that speaks for the people of Wapping.
    It is quite democratic, if you do not want it then you simply do not sign the petition. There will be a full public meeting soon to air the proposals and hopefully enough people will take the trouble to turn up and listen to the opportnuity that is now available.

    Without the signatures of the people of Wapping on any petition then it would be a non starter so it cannot simply be pushed through by anyone acting on their own. Then again Respect invented thousands of fictitious names to get the Mayor election.

    Right I’m off to invent thousands of names for this petition.

  • Derian

    @ Geoff Juden: “A meeting was convened Wednesday last” … convened by whom, and who attended?

  • Paulie-K


    Will you be running, and will it be under the Lib Dem banner? When the next borough election arises will you use participation in your literature? Unfortunately I can’t envisage an apolitical election.

    I am warm to the idea but concerned about the mechanics.

  • Paulie-K


    For info:
    At present LB Tower Hamlets recycles c.20% of all household waste against an average of 37% nationwide. For reference only Newham and the Isles of Scilly are worse. Whilst yes the weekly one bag is useful, it also leads to above average rejections – 2.5% of recycling compared to median of 0.8%(analysis of DEFRA 2008/09 digest). Could the council’s scheme actually function if people recycled as much as the average? Whilst LBTH does face specific challenges, fair to say could do better.

  • Alberto

    Wapping gets so little from Tower Hamlets other than good recycling from what I can see so this can only be an improvement surely. At worst it will be the same.
    I don’t have any issues with Costcutter but do have a real issue that it was decided by people who know nothing about Wapping or background to the objections.

  • Brock
  • Brock

    And who are the steering group? How were they chosen? What links to they have to our already democratically elected counsellors for the ward?

    Are the minutes from the meeting available to the public? How many attendees were there to come to a unanimous decision?

    Thanks to hints from other commentators it’s only now that I realise Mr Juden stood for election as a local councillor and came 7th…so on what basis is ‘his’ steering group representing us?

    I apologise if I come across as unfairly harsh or critical, I’m not suggesting anyone involved is not acting in the best interests of the community, but it seems that two lines of description is insufficient to convey what processes are being followed.

    I’m glad this site will be used to communicate further information; I think there’s plenty already that should still be communicated.

  • Geoff Juden

    A meeting was convened Wednesday last, the purpose of which was to discuss the viabilty of local accountability. The meeting came to the view that a Town Council with Mayor be for the ward of St Katharine’s & Wapping.

    The council to be formed be non-political with twelve councillors. A further meeting has been arranged to understand the avenues to enter to have any necessary documentation created.

    Before any final decision is made with regard to a Town Council, the people of St.Katharine’s & Wapping will have their say.

    For those interested in being made aware of the processes of which the steering group is indulging. They are to be publicised on whatsinwapping.

  • Paulie-K

    What isn’t clear is, what is the actual process for the creation of a town council and will residents actually be made aware of when these meetings are being held, for all we know, Mr Juden’s meetings are just gatherings of local Lib Dems. The results of these meetings are publicised, but not when they are held (I may be wrong).

    I have significant issues with LB Tower Hamlets and the soon to be elected Mayor, but I don’t want a borough clique replaced with a local clique. I am slightly wary of the link between Mr Juden and St Peter’s Church (which was referenced in his election literature), which although the ‘parish’ church, is not necessarily the best place to hold meetings in such a diverse community (and I speak as a weekly church goer).

  • Jenny

    Wapping is forgotten by Tower Hamlets. I have written to them 4 times in the last 5 years and never received a reply despite following up with phone calls.
    Perhaps if we have people with a local interest they might be able to get things done.
    I’ll wait to hear more before deciding but think if it’s done in the right way might really help Wapping.

  • Anna

    Agree I’m worried about yet more layers of government which can mean it’s even more difficult to get anything changed (like you am indifferent to Costcutter, but the case should not be decided by people who know nothing about the area or views of local people).

    I believe the decision on the council was unanimous insofar as to take things to the next stage which is understand the administrative process and consult widely within Wapping (but I wasn’t there).

  • Brock

    perhaps a more widespread publicised forum might have yielded a different result, or at least not a unanimous one. Given we already have a Tower Hamlets mayor to come, I don’t think we need yet another layer of government, and more importantly any such moves should be done with wide consultation.

    Nonetheless, thanks for the info :)