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Wapping Local Town Council

Wapping Local Town Council

A meeting led by Geoff Juden was held in Wapping on Wednesday 7th July on the viability of a local council for St.Katharine’s & Wapping.

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Town Council for Wapping

The unanimous decision by all those present was that the people of the ward go forward with the venture and form a Town Council with a Mayor.

Those present will review documentation and reconvene next week to agree an action plan for the next stages.

…a Town to be called Wapping?

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  • Brock

    And under the town council scenario, what would happen?

    My developing understanding is (with ref to Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, ss. 57 & 63)
    the Town Council can provide additional parking utilising public land to do so, or on the road, but only with the permission of LBTH.

    I would imagine the car club spots are tied in with a contract so can’t easily/cheaply be reversed; if I had to hazard a guess, my layman’s reading of the legislature is that parish councils can create and manage *additional* spaces, not take over control of the existing ones.

    Now one of the advantages of the Wapping council would be that LBTH has to consult them over any planning applications, so may have at least been able to object to their removal at an earlier stage.

    I should say I am a member of a car club, and until recently those we had in Wapping were incredibly oversubscribed…..Now the two biggest clubs are in the process of merging the pressure may be taken off.

  • John

    Indeed it is interesting but just off the cuff I will take parking spaces. As we have read on here three disabled car spaces have vanished thus depriving the disabled of a necessary facility. Trying to remedy the situation by writing to a council that employs the mentally hindered is a waste of time but by taking control of the decision making would mean that it would be a problem that could be eradicated in ten minutes. We have the Friday only parking space from 12 to 14.30 that has appeared. Now my only question would be, why the hell is it only safe to allow parking there for such hours, idiocy personified. If it’s safe to park 12 to 14.30 then it’s safe to park there full stop. Don’t get me started on the club car scenario, they are like buses, you can’t find one for love nor money and then three come along at once in nearly every street. If double yellow lines were removed to accomodate them then they are either sited in dangerous positions or the council are denying us access to parking spaces to maximise parking fines.
    No one that I know of were consulted on any of these issues. These are issues that affect a majority of people but the council have rode roughshod over everyone.

    Okay nurse double the dose to calm me down, Let me just have this lager to wash down the valium.

  • Brock

    Useful info on the scope of town councils here:

  • John

    Well Brock if that floats your boat then read it as read. Long road round the block to get back to square one.

    The meeting has been arranged, the wheels are in motion and if people don’t want to sign a petition then that is their prerogative.

    If you don’t want to sign up then no one will be forcing you to do so. After all, we can hire a Respect member to steal your signature along with the electoral list of the E1W phone book.

  • Brock

    So what this article should say then(not pointing the finger in any particular direction here) is:

    “The unanimous decision by all those present was that a petition for Town Council with Mayor should be started, and the people of the ward should be invited to hear our proposal.”

    I’ll also take this opportunity to deny being part of any political party, or having any interest to declare regarding defending LBTH.

  • John

    Robin it will be publicised as far and wide as possible. We are hoping to have a public invitation to councillors aired in the local paper next week. We will be sticking leaflets in the shops etc.

  • John

    Derian what on earth would be the point of inviting everyone to a public meeting to proclaim: ‘Having a Town Council representing Wapping is not a viable option, sorry to have dragged you all out for nothing. Good Night.’

    The meetings held were to discuss if it was a viable option. Now we know that it is we are inviting everyone to come and discuss the proposal. That seems to me to be a more rational approach to the issue.

    The first of several public meetings will take place.


    As for my going off at a tangent. One must give me a bit of leeway, Scottish and mentally bankrupt. However I do take offence when people infer a meeting is not democratic, in Tower Hamlets. This borough is a haven for crooks and fraudsters to operate hand in hand with a council that is more bent than Oliver Twist.

    This council has repeatedly refused access to residents to rightful information. A council where the voting is more rigged than the Good ship Venus. A council that has denied residents even access to meetings that are discussing the funding in their areas. This council is worse than the Stasi and I do get a wee bit peeved when the accusation of lack of transparency in actions I am involved in gets aired.

    Wapping gets nothing, has had nothing and will receive bugger all by retaining the Status Quo, only by taking control from the fat controller can we stop greedy parasites from remaining on the gravy train.

    If people are of a mind to remain in the clutches of this poverty, pleading parasite of a council then it is well within your rights. I am in support of getting as far away from it as possible and hopefully put a stop to it stealing and wasting our money.

    There you go, off on a rant again. I must phone the doctor and get him to up the valium, then phone the off licence to see if they will do home delivery.