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Wapping Books and Authors

Wapping Books and Authors

There are great books written about and by Wapping Authors.

As well as fiction there are beautiful memoirs which are a great alternative to a history book if you want to find out what Wapping life was really like.  Wapping authors publish books on a wide range of expert subjects, which we’re still discovering

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1. A True Londoner

Author Danny Anthony works as the porter for Dundee Court and Pierhead Wharf in Wapping High Street.  His very readable book gives a fascinating insight from pre-war to present day East London life and journeys through Wapping at various stages telling us how much it has changed. [...read book review]

A True Londoner is much more than a biography or memoir; it tells a moving and touching story and reminds us:

It’s not where we live that matters but how we live.

2. From Wapping to Canary Wharf

An inspiring book by David Exley, who left school at 15 with no qualifications.

David started life as an apprentice electrician, but now works as the Facilities Manager looking after 1m square feet of office space in Canary Wharf.

This rag to riches story is told in a completely ego-less style in a story of a local Wapping boy’s journey from poverty to middle class luxury.

David tells us in vivid detail how much life in Wapping has changed since the 1960′s, 70′s and 80′s. This was one of the most significant development periods for Wapping making it incredibly fascinating for anyone who knows the area. And the last chapter will completely take you by surprise, but it wouldn’t be fair to spoil it here!

3. Couldn’t Afford the Eels: Memories of Wapping

Author Dr Martha Leigh has been a GP in Wapping for more than 20 years. Martha’s book is based on interviews with people who had lived in Wapping during the period and she shares their stories from the ‘island’ when it was working docks.

Couldn’t Afford the Eels is highly recommended to anyone who wants to read about the history of Wapping first hand, from a complete mix of people.

We learn about working-class life in an enclosed community and the post-war demise of the docks, family life, work, housing and leisure. The book also tackles deeper subjects of health, gender roles and attitudes towards Jews and brings smiles and sadness whilst giving us a touching nostalgic record of Wapping’s history.

The chapter structure is by subject rather than year which increases readability and there are some great pictures from archived images, including George “Daddy” Winn’s cow barn in 1920!

4. Pilates & Yoga

By combining two of the most popular exercise disciplines, yoga and Pilates, Jill’s colour-illustrated guide helps readers to lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, and learn to breathe more efficiently.

Jill Everett reassuringly tells us that “anyone of any level of fitness can practice Yoga or Pilates” and her recommendation is

Come along and see!

For more information about Jill who teaches yoga and pilates in Wapping, visit Jill’s website


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