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Read a Waeppa of a Wapping Walk

Read a Waeppa of a Wapping Walk

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – you have never read anything quite like this before!

Starting at Wapping’s Grade 1 listed Tobacco Dock, this beautifully illustrated “journeessay” takes us around 21st century Wapping.  we learn torrid tales of the Bengal Tiger and Ratcliffe (now Wapping) Highway murders to name a couple.

Part 1 of C.J. and David’s “The London Chronicles” begins its’ journey in Wapping because it is:

central to the very fabric of what makes up the East End; and where the Proper People are …

And don’t forget to checkout the Wapping Books Page to read Wapping’s own talented writers.

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Find C.J. Duffy’s blog at http://fishywords.blogspot.com/ and more illustrations by David Vigor

Their London Chronicals are being published online at http://issuu.com/krome2 bimonthly during 2010 where you can also subscribe to updates.

Resident review by: Vickie


  • http://fishywords.blogspot.com/ C.J. Duffy

    Jonathan>>>Many thanks for the sweet comments and glad you like it. More the brilliant images of Dave than my words I think.

    Richard>>>Wapping is one of those places that each visit reveals more and the longer you know the place the more surprises it holds.

    James>>>I live in Essex, somewhere between Southend and Colchester but love Wapping.


  • James

    Have read most of the Wapping Website now but had missed this one. Just picked it up on


    so great the area’s getting spotted by visitors too as Wapping is so well hidden but has so many good things for visitors as well as us residents!

    And sorry guys I meant to start with What a BRILLIANT bit of writing. Are you sure you don’t live here though as you seem to have picked up on so many of the details it’s taken me ages to notice :) . Thanks for this, it’s great!

  • Richard

    I’ve lived here for years, but never knew about the tiger! Great stuff and would never find it without this site, it’s quite enlightening.

  • Jonathan

    Almost didn’t read this but glad I did, this is almost better than a guided walk yourself! No idea who these guys are, but thank you, brilliant stuff.