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Turner’s Old Star pub

Turner’s Old Star pub

Turner’s Old Star pub on the corner of Watts Street and Meeting House Alley has been run by genuine Wappingites for five generations.

“A great traditional family run east end boozer. A dying breed!” that has “a friendly atmosphere”.

Tweeted @jasonsmith and @octane_123 earlier this year and Wapping followers all agreed with them.

Inside Turner’s Old Star pub

It’s a compact and friendly pub with everything you’d expect from a traditional local – pool table, darts board, two big screens for Sky Sports and an enclosed beer garden at the back.

The pub attracts a wide range of locals and visitors from all walks of life, who get on exceptionally well together and even the regulars themselves come from rather diverse backgrounds.

Turner’s Old Star is a favourite with the Wapping Japanese community, the local watering hole for St Patricks band, St Peter’s Church Choir and 15 teams from Wapping Hockey Club who play out of nearby John Orwell Sports Centre, to name but a few.


Tucked in the corner of Wapping Green, Turner’s Old Star enjoyed being at the heart of the Wapping Summer Shindig this year.

Drinks and food

The pub has a wide range of drinks including lagers, ciders, bottled beer, London Pride and a weekly guest ale. A good choice of non-alcoholic drinks is also available.

Traditional bar food – sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, chips etc can all be ordered from the bar.

Events at Turner’s Old Star

Regular events include a pool league on Tuesday evenings and a pub quiz on Thursday’s at 8.30pm when there is also an extended license. The last Saturday of each month is a fun and vocal karaoke disco night.

Turners Old Star also hosts special events throughout the year – a hog roast in August and St Georges Day celebration to name a couple plus regular charity nights where they raise money for local good causes.

Joseph Turner

As with most things in Wapping, there’s a history story and Turner’s Old Star is no exception.

Read about Joseph Turner, the Thames-loving womanising on the plaque outside the pub and see lots more historical memorabilia inside.

Joseph Turner sign outside Turners Old Star pub Wapping

Filming at Turner’s Old Star

Filming is a common sight across Wapping and when it comes to pubs, Turner Old Star is a filmmakers favourite.

East Enders picture from filming in Turners Old Star pub Wapping

Visit the pub to see photos and some of the memorabilia left by the various film crews. One of the best known is probably East Enders, when Dr Legg paid a visit leaving a note and open offer of a second opinion any time!

So don’t be surprised if you see peculiar activity inside or out, as this resident did when they saw ITV recording “White Heat” in June and sent us this photo:

ITV Studios filming "White Heat" at Turners Old Star pub in Wapping

Find Turner’s Old Star pub in Wapping

View Map of Wapping London E1W in a larger map

Visit Turners Old Star at 14 Watts Street, Wapping, London E1W 2QG – just off Wapping Lane and close to Wapping Overground and D3/D11 bus stops.

You never know, you might get to see some famous faces or even get to be a film extra if they’re short!


  • http://twitter.com/bluesince1994 Gabriel

    I like this pub. It is a close to the community place, and even a new face is being welcomed like being a regular. I now moved to Wapping myself, and enjoy coming here now as a regular – watching footy, listening to music, just enjoying a drink. This is a gem, and a homely welcome feeling

  • Brian

    I must comment on the welcome and hospitality received from Bernice and Paul Drew, when we ‘Old Wappingites (up to Evacuation 1939/40), and two of my deceased Sister’s Canadian offspring, dropped in unannounced in September 2011, whilst re-visiting our family’s past.

    By the way we were treated, one could be forgiven for thinking we were ‘blood family’.
    And we were doubly blessed when Bernice’s Mum Eileen, came over and joined us for a chat about the old days.
    Even the current day regulars, had a laugh and leg pull with us before we left.

    Excellent Ale, Excellent Food and above all, the sort of hospitality that makes one feel a million dollars.

    Gawd bless you all.
    Brian and Family

  • Anonymous

    I concur! As a corpulent, dissolute middle – aged man who has spent the vast majority of his adult life in East – End public houses, I assert the grass is at its most verdant here (with PERFECT hosts, patrons and banter).

  • Anonymous

    I concur! As a corpulent, dissolute middle – aged man who has spent the vast majority of his adult life in East – End public houses, I assert the grass is at its most verdant here (with PERFECT hosts, patrons and banter).

  • Anonymous

    I like your article – Turner’s Old Star is a real gem, a lovely friendly family-run pub.  I’ve met some of the nicest kindest people I know there