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Town of Ramsgate Pub

Town of Ramsgate Pub

Back in 1758 the Town of Ramsgate was known as the Prince of Denmark with the origins of the pub claiming to go back as far as 1543. The competition was tough 250 years ago though, as you had a choice of more than 140 alehouses all within walking distance!

The Grade 2 listed building is best known for being the place where Judge Jeffries, the “Hanging Judge” was arrested back in the days of pirates and press gangs. Jeffries ultimately died of natural causes after being held in the Tower of London, so escaped the nearby Execution Dock.

The Town of Ramsgate is long and narrow, bigger inside than it looks from out, with Wapping Old Stairs on the right, converted warehouse on the left and a small beer garden at the back looking out on the Thames. There’s not that much room outside but it’s very cosy and there’s a nice river view

Monday Quiz Night

If Monday is a bank holiday the quiz night gets moved to Tuesday. It’s £1 to enter and a maximum of 6 people per team are allowed.

If you’re not planning on taking part it might be as well to avoid Mondays if you’re after a quiet night as it starts getting busy from around 7.30pm and normally stays that way until closing. But why not join in?

Our Reviewers

Here are a “semi-regular” resident drinker review from Peter and first time visitor food reviews from CJ Duffy.

Town of Ramsgate PubThe Drinkers Review

Not a “regular” but I visit the Town of Ramsgate a couple of times a month since moving to Wapping last year and have met some of the regular crowd there. There’s a real community atmosphere amongst the real regulars which still surprises me in London but they’re all very visitor friendly too. I’d say it’s less of a “tourist” pub than others in Wapping so a good one if you want to try and build a social life here but could also be a worthwhile and less obvious choice for visitors who want to experience a bit of real Wapping.

There is a TV in the Town of Ramsgate but I can hardly remember it being on and sports are not really shown here. Good or bad depending on your point of view! There’s also background music most of the time but not loud or deafening so a good place to actually talk and be heard, which is becoming harder to find anywhere.

As well as guest beers there’s an excellent selection of ales including Youngs, Doom Bar and Pride, which are all extremely drinkable. More limiting if you’re a cider drinker like my flatmate, as they only serve Strongbow cider but there’s a good choice of other drinks. The prices are very reasonable for London and I’d say it’s rated amongst the best if not THE best beer in Wapping.

So I’d thoroughly recommend drinking in the Town of Ramsgate.  It’s a bit different to the other Wapping pubs (in a good way), has great beer and is very friendly as well as being on the Thames.

The Diners Review

The first thing you notice as you enter is that the décor does not faithfully reflect its claim to be the oldest pub on the river: this place has had a makeover but that, I guess, is to be expected, although it would have been better had the beams and surroundings all been genuine. There is wall to wall carpet running the length of the pub (its length is another surprise as from the outside it appears to be much smaller than it really is) with an equally long bar of polished wood set beneath a wealth of hanging baskets; framed pictures of rich and diverse seafaring characters hang from the walls which lends it, if not a nautical, then a historical air. The overall impression is a good one and the welcome is warm.

We settle down on a table that is as near to the bar as possible, having purchased two diet cokes for £3.80. The menu is nothing spectacular but this is pub grub and pretty much as one would expect. The first complaint I would voice though is the lack of vegetarian options as there is only one dish that caters for that ever growing market.

My wife, orders sausage and mash while I go for the chicken and vegetable pie with carrots and roasted potatoes. Then we wait and wait some more and as we wait we are saddened to see but a few people in the pub. This lack of vitality gives off a soulless feel but seeing as this is a Sunday evening and not the full blooded roar and bluster of a Saturday night, not so unexpected. I hate pubs that feel they have to blast out their music so conversation becomes a case of either shouting to be heard or of semaphore given with accompanying and exaggerated mouth mimicry. Fortunately the music here is played low key and allows diners to eat in peace.

The wait between ordering and delivery of the meals is too long but the food, when it arrives comes in sensible portions and we tuck in. My pastry is light and delicate and mouthwateringly tasty as are the contents, all of which are piping hot. My carrots are a little less so, lukewarm at best but the potatoes are crisp and when covered in gravy, satisfying if not a culinary delight. My wife’s Cumberland sausage and mash comes covered in onions and I am told is good with the sausage succulent even if the mash is a bit lumpy.

For an overall cost of £22.70 I think the complaints are not of any great magnitude and certainly didn’t spoil our enjoyment of the food but I do wish there had been more going on, a little more spark and fizz.

Kind thanks to our reviewers: Peter, CJ Duffy http://issuu.com/krome2/docs
Photographs on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/whatsinwapping/sets/72157624854726735/

Do you agree with Peter and CJ’s reviews?

62 Wapping High Street
London E1W 2PN

020 7481 8000

Transport: Wapping Overground, Shadwell or Tower Hill Tube, 100 Bus (stops outside)

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  • http://twitter.com/bluesince1994 Gabriel

    fantastic pub! I mainly come during the day time, and just can feel the old spirits wandering around me. Staff are friendly, (regular) customers are easy going and the stairs heading to the River Thames are making it ‘icing on the cake’. When the Thames is low, you can walk towards the river line and just enjoy some very unique sightings. Of course, the dark ‘Wapping Old Stairs’ drowning rings are a dark mark, but pay some tribute and you’ll be in safe hands.

  • Trubble

    Not as cheap as the kidd but lovely location, good food and friendly staff. I have been drinking and eating in here regulalry and have always been happy with the service. Recommend the Monday quiz night, although arrive early to get a table

  • Josephineanne

    Went to the pub quiz here for the first time last night and had a good time. It was well run and the staff/landlord were welcoming to quiz newcomers – taking time to explain how it worked. It’s a very popular event with people reserving tables and starts at 8.30.

  • Wapping Person

    The pub is nice, especially the terrace at the end, but the Landlord has an attitude problem. Twice he has replied rudely to a group of us.

    Its a pitty that such a nice pub is not managed by a nice person. I will certainly will no take anyone there while Mr Grumpy serves…

  • Ash

    The best beer in Wapping without a doubt!
    Nice relaxed atmosphere and the food is either very good or very bad in my experience but better than the Kidd for sure. zzz

  • Macattack

    So this is how we would describe a typical English pub in Germany. Tiny house, lots of people in coats and every one with a bear…or a stout…or an ale? I will never understand the difference. In Germany we just call it beer. It is brewed so it is a beer :-) I really liked the atmosphere there. Did not try the food but had a couple of beers and it was wonderful. And as I am living in London now I will definitely be there again! Maybe already today… Cheers zzz

  • Paulie-K

    I think the Kidd has a clear advantage with the garden and prices, though if you are an ale drinker, the Ramsgate is superior, with its guest beers which a Sam Smith’s can’t do. I also feel the ‘Town’ is a more of a local pub and one where you feel acknowledged within a few visits.

  • Brock

    Gotta be the Kidd for me. Ramsgate is OK for a bit of a change, but the big beer garden and cheap prices means the Kidd wins hands down.

  • Helen

    Leaving aside the smaller ‘garden’, it has the best atmosphere inside of the three riversiders. Great ambience, characters, and excellent food – some of the ‘specials’ have been on a par with a certain gastro pub in Limehouse.

  • Derian

    I think it’s the best of the three ‘riverside’ pubs in Wapping. Best kept ales, and the food is the best quality and best value for money. The Sunday lunch is terrific. Also, the beer garden though smallish, is heated and cosy.

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  • Adrian

    Great place and beer indeed, it’s even where I take my mother!