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Wapping Town Council – 14 August (updated 23 Aug)

Wapping Town Council – 14 August (updated 23 Aug)

The Wapping Town Council Steering Group is preparing to gather signatures for the petition.  There will be places where people are able to sign, within St.Katharine’s & Wapping area, plus we will be going on line with the petition.

The Steering Group is also interested in persons wishing to be on the shadow council.  This council will negotiate with Tower Hamlets Council on behalf of the people of St.Katharine’s & Wapping, the view being a Town Council named Wapping.

Once again the petition requires 2,500 signatures, so all persons interested in a greater form of democracy, plus being able to offer St.Katharine’s & Wapping a better future, I urge to sign the petition and step forward as potential candidates for a non-political, transparent, democratic council.

Next Public Meeting:

Date: Wednesday 8th September
Time: 7pm
Venue: St Georges Town Hall, Cable Street [view map]

Powers of Wapping Town Council [view/download PDF]

Geoff Juden

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  • Geoff Juden

    The Labour Candidate for Mayor, I have just been informed is Luftur Rahman. The leader of the borough council prior to 6th May 2010. The candidate for Liberal Democrats is John Griffiths, a previous councillor in the borough. The conservative candidate is Neil King.

    All three candidates have been invited to attend to give their view on the proposed Town Council for Wapping. I have so far had confirmation of attendance from John Griffiths.

    This will be a time for persons to be informed of the powers a Town Council may have and be able to enter into discussion with The London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

  • Nadine

    Geoff, Is there a agenda for the meeting available we could see in advance as it would be useful to know what is going to be discussed? Also where is the petition as I’ve not seen it anywhere and how many signatures does it have but guessing you will cover this at the meeting perhaps.
    Thank you

  • Robin

    Wot, Suggs & co? :-)

  • James Frankcom

    The inhabitants of the old Liberty of Norton Folgate are watching what happens in Wapping most keenly….