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Wapping Town Council Meeting 8th September (updated)

Wapping Town Council Meeting 8th September (updated)

[updated 22 September]

For Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election view separate topic.

Wapping Town Council Public Meeting

Date: Wednesday 8th September
Time: 7pm
Venue: St Georges Town Hall, Cable Street [view map]

The Wapping Town Council Steering Group is preparing to gather signatures for the petition.  There will be places where people are able to sign, within St.Katharine’s & Wapping area, plus we will be going on line with the petition.

The Steering Group is also interested in persons wishing to be on the shadow council.  This council will negotiate with Tower Hamlets Council on behalf of the people of St.Katharine’s & Wapping, the view being a Town Council named Wapping.

Once again the petition requires 2,500 signatures, so all persons interested in a greater form of democracy, plus being able to offer St.Katharine’s & Wapping a better future, I urge to sign the petition and step forward as potential candidates for a non-political, transparent, democratic council (contact: wappingtowncouncil@gmail.com)

Powers of Wapping Town Council [View/Download PDF]

Geoff Juden

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  • john

    Well well Brock that’s just above half the cost Neil said it would cost just to have a vote in Wapping, if that was divided by the 17 wards it would be a hell of a lot less. Is that why your a Barrister instead of an accountant Neil. Yes I did vote yesterday and dragged the missus along too so this house provided you with two votes. Sadly none of the girls were about last night to use Natalia’s vote or you would have got that too. Yes I would have got one of them to vote illegally, everyone else votes illegally in Tower Hamlets so I’ll join them at every chance I get.
    Now do you want to be governed and run by the Islamic Extremists of Rahman and Islamic Forum Europe or do you want to attempt to wrestle power from these fascists so you have a say in what happens.
    Labour got exactly what it deserves, it has pandered to left wing fascists and Bangladeshi racists for a generation, Labour has foisted segregation, racism, apartheid and religious bigotry on the people and as expected the racists and bigots have now ditched labour and joined Rahman and the rump of Nazi respect.


  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    A quick note on costs:

    Today’s (borough-wide) election costs,from the East London Advertiser:

    The council has confirmed that the election has cost £180,000 to stage, meaning around £4.11 has been spent on every voter that has taken part.

  • Raye

    Geoff, you are very vocal on the mayoral election for which you’re not standing but it would be nice if you commented on the town council since this was something you started.
    Or have you given up completely????? And what about an update on stop the rot after the offer from Brock to help you?

  • http://www.kingformayor.org Neil King

    John, I’ve responded in part to your post on the mayoral election forum. Just to let you know.

  • Raye

    Geoff, please could we have an update?

  • Derian

    I think Husseys should donate a daily amount of eggs for egging the windscreens of zigzag offenders. Community spirit.

  • john

    It is nice seeing our political representatives getting involved and airing different opinions. I think Neil is correct that our first port of call should be our local representatives. Over the last 5 years I have written in reply to a tory leaflet and Neil and Emma have also appeared at my address asking what is needed to make the area a bettersafer place. I gave my opinion that morons too thick to adhere to the Highway code should be tackled. I espoused that the cretins who park on the zig zags of the zebra crossing on Wapping Lane should be addressed and that they should be fined and have an endorsement stuck on their licence. These asreholes are too bereft of common sense to grasp reality that they are breaking the law.. The good thing is that this is a multi cultural issue, the cretins of Wapping embrace all races, creeds and colour. A child will die if nothing is done to prevent such odious asres from parking in such dangerous positions. 5 years on and still Neil, Paul or Emma have failed to manage to get this situation remedied. I did also give this scenario to Geoff before this election and yet still you walk round to the shops in Wapping Lane and there is the shallow gene pool parked on the Zebra zig zags to save the retarded bstirds the distance of a five yard walk..
    That’s one of the reasons Neil why I support a town council, so that people who care about the area will strive to get things done. I am sick listening to the bleating and pontificating of our so called representaives who instead of getting action spend more time giving pathetic excuses as to why the status quo remains.
    The fact is that our local councillors have attained nothing in the area and the wishes and aspirations of local people matter not a jot to politicians, they only care about boasting of their popularity, as you have already published. I think you and the rest of the political crew, liberals, labour or any combination in the area should, instead of boasting about popularity, get off your asres and tackle the issues pertinent to the electorate or you might find your popularity falls.quite rapidly. Let me assure you that should a child suffer the consequences of the collective political failure to tackle the scum who put their lifes in danger by parking on the zig zags then I promise to make it a personal issue with each and everyone of you regardless of political persuasion. And for any of the muppets out there who are having someone read the posts to you, learn to park legally, Then again you can’t teach the mentally bankrupt, they just become politicians.

  • Who’s Ian Bone?


    “So … Geoff and Neil … how are you finding this ConDem coalition working with regard to your respective positions on the proposed town council?”

    ^ No matter how they’re finding it, it’s a useful reminder that it’s just two snouts fighting for the same trough.

  • Derian

    So … Geoff and Neil … how are you finding this ConDem coalition working with regard to your respective positions on the proposed town council?

  • Derian

    Every time I see the slogan “Stop The Rot” I’m reminded of the Condem #BigSociety initiative. Unfortunate, tbh.

  • Paulie-k

    Geoff thank you for singularly doing your best to avoid providing me with an answer. I am not against a town council in principle at all. What I am, however, is keenly interested in knowing as much as possible before committing to anything before knowing the facts. I call it electoral due diligence.

    Much as you would have a survey before buying a house, I like to have the facts, though you haven’t been very forthcoming in this respect. I am inherently cautious, when I buy a new razor I look at the price of blades to appreciate the long and short term implication of a decision.

    Until I am provided with all facts, I cannot buy into your proposal in good faith, though I look forward to your attempts to woo me!

    On the Stop the Rot front, I think pushing it with the vehicle of the Town Council is counter productive to encourage buy-in across all groups of the community. Don’t get me wrong, as someone who is a keen student of church history and architecture I support the cause but not the method.

  • Brock

    Geoff can you keep your political campaigning to the dedicated page please?

  • Geoff Juden

    I would care to make known that I am pleased The Liberal Democrats are to support Tower Hamlets historical buildings, the onl;y political party in the borough so far.

    Paulie, I realise that you are not in favour of an elected authority in St.Katharine’s & Wapping, however Neil King seems to have all the figures at hand, this moment in time. Therefore maybe it would be better for him to inform you of the costs, noting an election withio the wartd is to cost £300,000, according to the conservative candidate for The Mayoralty.

  • Geoff Juden

    Both Cllr. Stephanie Eaton Liberal Democrat Leader in Tower Hamlets and Jonathan Fryer are supporting Stop The Rot. St.Peter’s London Docks Church Wapping.

    Seemingly the only political party in Tower Hamlets intertested in it’s heritage is Liberal Democrats.

  • geoff juden

    I am pleased to announce that Jonathan Fryer Chairman, The Liberal Democrats in London is to support Stop The Rot. St.Peter’s London Docks Church. There are some people who believe in Tower Hamlets heritage.

  • geoffjuden

    First of all I commend Cllr. Stephanie Eaton leader of Liberal Democrats in the borough for taking an interest in St.Katharine’s & Wapping. She is prepared to put her money where her mouth is by sponsoring a runner for The Mini-Marathon, Stop The Rot. This is what I mean about having empathy with the people, being involved with their concerns.

    Paulie, I fully realise that you are against the prospect of having a legally constituted authority in St.Katharine’s & Wapping. Therefore you should bear down on Neil King as he has expressed figures for a Town Council Election, further he is now expressing his idea on how much it would cost.

  • http://www.WhatsinWapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    As requested, please post any comments relating to the mayoral elections here

  • http://www.kingformayor.org Neil King

    Derian, precepts are collected in the same way as the mayor and gla precept, so it would fall on everyone in Wapping, no one could be exempted if they pay council tax.

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    Precepts are normally collected based on Council Tax bands, I’m unsure whether this is a requirement or not.

  • Derian

    I applaud Geoff Juden and John Griffiths for making themselves ‘known’. I’m seeing the petition advertised in local shop windows – but people don’t know what they’re being asked to petition for. One of the key questions is whether this will cost people more money, and if so how much? And what would they get for it?

    On a separate note, if this all goes ahead I think that any on-cost should be apportioned to the wealthy of Wapping (loads). If you/we choose to live in a socially deprived area, it’s outrageous to suggest that an expensive Town Council should be set up to divert Borough funds to a specific area that actually isn’t that badly off.

    The wealthy of Wapping should pay for this proposed extra tier of government.

  • Paulie-K

    Geoff, would you respond to my questions re Swedenborg and costs of an election?

  • Geoff Juden

    Neil to be able to freeze council tax and have balanced books for the borough is indeed wonderful, therefore I do not decry from such aspirations. However not to have empathy with the diverse communities in the borough does you no justice. In the ward in which you reside, people are requesting assistance, thus far neither you or any councillor, within the ward, has been appreciative.

    This is why there is a need for a legally constituted authority for Wapping.

    Truely people know where you stand. They have to decide on your abilities for Mayor of Tower Hamlets.

    No this is not a gameplay by me for the next council election’s in St.Katharine’s & Wapping. Obvioulsy your standards are not my own.

  • http://www.kingformayor.org Neil King

    Geoff, my responses on all the issues you raised are contained within my previous post. I did not ignore the lady from Shadwell who had complaints about her library, I simply introduced her to a councillor who was in the best position to help her. She didn’t even come to me, I approached her. These repeated posts of yours appear to have less and less about the rights and wrongs of a Town Council and more and more about slating what I’m standing on.I quote this “your inability to get involved in a passionate plea to save an historic building in the ward, shows local indifference” I have no idea what you are referring to here. If you mean St Peter’s, please read my post again, but I will spell it out for you so that you can desist in these baseless, repetitive attacks. A. Local. Authority. Cannot. Spend. Money. On. Religious. Buildings. It is forbidden in statute. Clear enough? While I of course support the upkeep of this historic mission church, the only way I can do so is by getting involved in charitable enterprises. To show off about charitable donations while running for office would be pretty shabby wouldn’t it?
    You repeatedly accuse me of not showing ‘vision’ in my own ward. Again, I have no idea what you are on about here. Being opposed to your pet project of a Town Council doesn’t mean I lack vision. My pledges that you have cribbed from my election material relate to what I would do on a borough wide basis. In case you hadn’t noticed the mayoralty means running the entire borough of 180,000 electors.
    Then there’s this little gem from your post; “Neil what about the people, how do they feel about their neighbourhoods. You have no idea. To embrace your mantra about me in the ward, I am not only in this ward, the message for a greater accountability permeates and you not to embrace ‘The Big Society’ must be against Conservative Party new ideas.”
    I take it this was typed in haste, but I really don’t know what it means, other than yet again another attack on me. I do know how many people feel in their neighbourhoods. I have been campaigning in Tower Hamlets for nine years. In my Mayoral campaign I have visited every ward in the borough and will no doubt do so again before the campaign is over. People are concerned about crime, schools, housing and employment. Nobody has raised having a town council or bringing back the lib dem neighbourhoods scheme to me. Of course I embrace the Big Society ideas; indeed, a community association would be able to apply for Big Society funding; a Town Council would not.
    When you addressed an earlier Town Council meeting, you said that whether to have a Town Council or not was up to the people of Wapping and that you were acting as a facilitator. This no longer appears to be the case. You now simply seem to be the most vocal supporter of a Town Council, determined to try and discredit any Conservative that doesn’t support it. As to my costings of setting up a Town Council, again please see my earlier post. What are your costings? Did you even give this a moment’s thought before you began this scheme?
    And Geoff, please try and tone down the moralising; if this campaign of yours is anything but an extended run at standing in Wapping again in 2014, I’m a Dutchman. I don’t need to be a visionary to see that.
    I hope we can now draw a line under this exchange and focus on any matters directly pertaining to a Town Council. You know I’m opposed and you know why. I am not afraid of saying that if the key test for people voting on May 21st is their level of support for this scheme, I am probably not their first choice. I think that is now well established. Your sniping posts at me isn’t going to make me change my mind or back down. If you want my comment on anything new or relevant, that would be refreshing, but until then I’m not going to clog this board further with our tit for tat.