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A Wapping farewell to Tobacco Dock’s Secret Cinema

A Wapping farewell to Tobacco Dock’s Secret Cinema

After two and a half weeks, it’s a Wapping farewell to the Secret Cinema at Tobacco Dock and we can finally reveal the secret.

The 1940′s “Unknown Cultural Movement” marched up Wapping Lane and were ushered into Tobacco Dock for the last time tonight.

Our tiny Grade 2 listed Wapping Overground Station dating back to 1869 has seen an estimated 20,000 extra visitors since Secret Cinema opened on Friday 11th February.

We were lucky enough to see the talented actors, dancers, musicians and writers on opening night. We agreed to “tell no one” but there were clues starting with the black, white and red newspapers handed out in the street.

Watch this Wapping Films interpretation of the Secret Cinema from E1W to experience it for yourself.

The Secret Cinema Red Shoes experience

A 1948 masterpiece by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, the film showing at the Secret Cinema was “The Red Shoes”. For a genuine non-Wapping Secret Cinema account, take a look at VivandLarry’s blog post by Kendra Bean.

A few of our favourite photos from the Secret Cinema’s visit to Wapping:

Trouble viewing? See the Wapping photos on Flickr

What about Wapping?

The majority of Wapping welcomed Secret Cinema. Nicely put by resident Alf’s comment yesterday on our opening article :

I went last night, and it was fantastic. I felt proud and privileged to have such an inspiring event on my doorstep. Secret Cinema can take up residence in Tobacco Dock, as far as I’m concerned. My only sadness was that such a vast and fascinating building is hardly ever used.

Twitter was active on Wednesday night after emergency services appeared at Wapping Station amongst the crowds. We’ve now discovered the incident was unrelated to Secret Cinema and the result of a man on the track.

The future for Wapping’s Tobacco Dock

A few Wapping moans about the crowds and noise, but Secret Cinema has made us more aware than ever that Grade 1 listed Tobacco Dock must be used. For something.

Propositions include Wapping High School and a Tobacco Dock Hotel but there are other rumours around.

More Secret Cinema

A growing community that loves cinema and the unknown. Secret audiences and locations. To find out more visit Future Cinema and Secret Cinema.

If you missed it before, checkout our opening article to see the amazing talent Secret Cinema brought inside Wapping’s Tobacco Dock. But for now, farewell from today’s matinee in Wapping.

Secret Cinema Wapping Tobacco Dock

Did you enjoy Wapping’s Secret Cinema experience?

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  • Jenny

    I am a Wapping resident and live near to Tobacco Dock. Whilst the noise got a bit annoying at times, the crowd seemed well behaved and it was a true joy to see Tobacco Dock used.