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The White duck of Wapping

The White duck of Wapping

One of the many recent additions to the feathered Wapping wildlife population is the white duck.

First spotted a few weeks ago near the Wapping canal, the white duck looked rather lost when it arrived, but since it’s still here, we can probably assume he or she has become a resident.

The white duck of Wapping is very friendly but still a little shy, as a few people have tweeted about and does tend to fly off when you approach it.

But maybe that’s because Wapping’s larger white feathered residents, the swans aren’t quite as pleased to see the new white duck as we all are?

The white duck is chased out of Shadwell Basin by the resident swan

The white duck is chased by the resident swan in Shadwell Basin


White duck being chased by swan

The swan starts to get angry with the white duck - but the duck manages to stay ahead


White duck flying

Eventually the white duck gives up and flys off over Shadwell Basin


White duck

The white duck lands safely away from the swan by Wapping canal takes a stroll in the sunshine


White duck being chased by swan

But it's not long before the swan catches up and the white duck chase begins again...


But who knows, maybe it’s all just duck games? Have you seen Wapping’s new white duck and what do you think?


  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk/ What’s in Wapping

    Wanted to share a few of the comments from What’s in Wapping’s Facebook Page. If anyone is able to identify the white duck, please do let us know!

    Emanuela: It came to Free Trade, too! It was tagging along our two usual ducks here but I guess the female got jealous and I saw her chase the white one away. That must have been a couple of weeks ago.

    Julija: Great photos!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Is it a domestic duck on a run? I couldn’t find any non -domestics white ducks, so I just assumed it must be !

    Petey: Every time I run past the basin I see the swan chasing that poor white duck!

    What’s In Wapping: Oh dear, the poor white duck. Surprised it’s hung around to be honest given the way it’s chased away the whole time

    Sarah: wow! what a beauty! i need to see this!!!!

  • James W

    Not sure about duck games or not, the swan looks like it’s fiercely defending territory, but respect to the white duck for not giving up. Brilliant photos as always!