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The Wapping Project

The Wapping Project

There are no defined boundaries between the restaurant and the artistic programme, which is applauded internationally for its quirky, curatorial position.

The Wapping Project is housed in the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, a matchless cultural space on the north bank of the Thames, east of Tower Bridge.

Celebrated for its singular combination of challenging contemporary art and performance, fine food and inspiring architecture, it opened to the public in October 2000. The Wapping Hydraulic Power Station was built by the London Hydraulic Power Company in 1890. It harnessed Thames water to provide power to the surrounding docks and throughout the central London area. When it finally closed in 1977 it was the last of its kind in the world.

The conversion of the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station for The Wapping Project was designed and conceived by architectural and design practice SHED 54. Rules were broken to give the contemporary elements a feeling of architectural impermanence for example stairs made from mild steel and untreated to develop a patina of rust The juxtaposition of the light and transparent qualities of the new with the gravity of the original building intensifies the effect of each. The new architecture identifies with the beauty of the historic building and aims, above all, to create a backdrop against which artists can create audacious contemporary work.

The Wapping Project is the creation of the distinguished theatre director, Jules Wright; its sense of drama is palpable.

There is something essentially indefinable about The Wapping Project; it remains an idea in a state of transformation, consistently re-made and re-invented.

It is an idea rooted in a magical building and realised within it. While solid and substantial, it is also mercurial and inexplicable.

The Wapping Project effortlessly incorporates the award-winning restaurant Wapping Food, which spills through the Engine and Turbine Houses. Fuelled by the same sense of perfection and ambition, Wright views the commissioning of the Chefs in much the same way as she does the artists with whom she works. A daily changing menu, in-house butchery, carefully sourced produce have consistently marked out Wapping Food and defined its place within London’s most serious restaurants.

The body of work produced by The Wapping Project is the product of twenty year’s experience and an un-challenged record of commissioning artists who have become major players in the UK’s cultural landscape.

All work in the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station is new, commissioned and site-specific.

Benchmarks include:

ALL ABOUT CHAIRS, a series of 33 photography and choreography commissions (July to October 2003); Richard Wilson’s extraordinary site-specific work, BUTTERFLY (Spring 2003); NYC, the ground breaking photography show of Magnum photographers and their work on New York (Summer 2002); Elina Brotherus’ SPRING photography and video installation (Winter 2001); Solo jazz performances commissioned for JERWOOD: SOLO WITH LIGHT (Winter 2001, later heard on JAZZ ON THREE); Keith Haring’s THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (Summer 2001); an extensive choreography series on the external stairwell, STAIRWORKS: JERWOOD:10X8 (Summer 2001); CONDUCTOR by Jane Prophet (Winter 2000), featuring 120 luminescent cables in the flooded Boiler House and Anya Gallaccio’s sublime 34 tonne ice-block, INTENSITIES AND SURFACES commissioned for the derelict building in 1996.

So what is The Wapping Project? Is it a brand & is it cool? [...read more]

  • Anonymous

    Only fair to say that my husband and I ate there last night after seeing Marta’s fantastic film on the Gdansk Shipyard.  (It’s the last in the current “Undiscovered Landscapes” series of films.)  I can’t recommend the roasted butternut squash main course highly enough – and I’m not vegetarian!  We had a charming waitress who really made us feel welcome though we hadn’t been for a while.

  • Rw Millward

    It’s still a fantastic venue.  But if you’re going for dinner, avoid the poached chicken – tasteless, and very hard to cut as a serrated knife is not supplied.  My husband’s Welsh lamb received rave reviews, however.  Since the new chef has been in place, I’ve found the starters and desserts better than the main courses, but it might just be my bad luck as I’m told that skate is not the only fish ever served – alas, it’s been the one on the menu for our last 3 visits.

  • Mbq

    I had a fantastic brunch there with a friend. The food is very good (I recommend egges benedict) and there is also a very interesting Australian wine list (the owner is Autsralian). Don’t miss the greenhouse bookshop just outside. The Wapping Project is a unique experience in London, I am proud that it is just down the road from where I live.

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    actually I’d love somewhere with a bit of late-night entertainment. sounds good.

  • Llim2

    Wapping project is making excessive noise way into or past mid-night. And now they are planning to apply for entertainment license. We strongly object. Wapping is such a nice residential area, we don’t want Wapping project restaurant to spoil it by making this area like a west-end or shoreditch night scene. Already on Friday Dec 10th where they hosted a “private party” with live band which was so execessive that we cannot even watch TV properly (and we live very high up fyi), people were vomitting and drunk walking along Wapping High Street. Please can we all get together to oppose to their plans to change license to a dance entertainment license.

  • Brock

    awesome place.