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The History of Wapping Trust

The History of Wapping Trust

Wappingites of all ages joined the History of Wapping Trust at a packed Raine’s Hall last night for ‘Trust Night’.

Trustee John Tarby gave a slide presentation of ‘Wapping in Wintertime’ and talked through some of their fantastic images of Wapping during the winter.

The seasonal theme continued as they launched their new 2011 Christmas cards showing beautiful snowy photos of St George-in-the-East and St John’s Churchyard.

Drinks and refreshments flowed for the rest of the evening as the HoWT answered local history questions whilst selling their new cards, books and pictures – raising funds for their next book launch.

History of Wapping Trust Christmas cards 2011

The glossy cards show two photos taken by trustee John Tarby during the winter snow last year.

History of Wapping Trust Christmas Cards 2011

Wapping’s St John’s Churchyard (left) and St George-in-the-East (right)

The Christmas cards are a bargain at just £1 and can be bought from the Turk’s Head Café or directly from a Trust member (see contact details below).

The history – of the History of Wapping Trust

The Trust tell us about our Wapping history, but what about their own? Starting in the early 1970’s with the closure of the Docks, Ray Newton, secretary and trustee of the HoWT tells us how the History of Wapping Trust was originally formed:

With the closure of the London Docks and most of the wharves and warehouses, Wapping was forgotten, a Tower Hamlets’ backwater.

So in the early 1970s a group of local people decided to do something about it and launched a campaign for better social conditions for the people of Wapping. They called themselves the Wapping Parents Action Group. Among their successful campaigns were: social housing built in the derelict London Docks, better tube trains on the East London Line, more buses and better facilities for children and youth.

Having mounted these successful campaigns, the Wapping Parents Action Group decided to transform themselves, in the early 1980s, into a history group and chose the name History of Wapping Trust. They asked two local historians to join them.

The aim of the Trust, from the start, was to promote a positive view of Wapping and the surrounding parishes.

The Trust’s first publication, Madge Darby’s Wappas People, a history of Wapping, was soon out of print. In all, we have published nine books, a number of postcards and a yearly Christmas Card.

We are self financing. Over the years, we have been involved in all the major Wapping campaigns. We show our support by providing historical information to back up the campaign’s aim. We also give local history talks and guided walks.

Wapping’s Turks Head Café in Green Bank, sells our books and Christmas Cards.

Our new book, Piety and Piracy: The History of Wapping and St Katharines by Madge Darby, price £9.95, can be obtained from the Turks Head Cafe, Waitrose, 44 Frocks and Bancroft Road Local History Library.

For a closer look inside Piety and Piracy, take a look at Wapping resident Jo Cox’s book review.

History highlights to look forward to in 2012

The History of Wapping Trust have promised to show the 30 year old ITV film – featuring the Wapping Parents Action Group and social issues around the closing of London’s docks in February 2012 which led to their formation.

Ray Newton’s legendary Wapping history walks will also resume in spring. If you’ve never been on one of Ray’s walks, read Mark Baynes account when he joined Ray in Octobter 2010.

Contact the History of Wapping Trust

Current trustees are Madge Darby (chairman), Ray Newton (secretary), Janice Juckett, John Tarby, Tom Newton, Steve Kentfield and Maureen Davies.

Madge Darby and Ray Newton of the History of Wapping Trust

Trustees Madge Darby and Ray Newton in Wapping next to the River Thames

To contact the HoWT email Ray Newton (secretary) rvnewton@btinternet.com or call 020 7488 3057. Also see the East London Postcards website for details of books and publications www.eastlondonpostcard.co.uk/wapping_trust.htm.

Support the Trust however you are able – to keep local history alive and helping with their aims of promoting a positive view of Wapping and the surrounding parishes.

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