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Updates on the Wapping super sewer

Updates on the Wapping super sewer

An update on the Thames Water Super Sewer proposal and what’s been happening since our 6 December post.

What does it really mean for Wapping, Shadwell, Limehouse and our King Edward VII Memorial Park?

What actually happened at the Thames Tunnel public exhibition and presentations?

Thames Water Presentation 5 January

A public presentation by Thames Water at Glamis Hall, on the corner of  Cable Street (up a ramp opposite St Mary’s Church) and Glamis Road [view map7pm Wednesday 5 January.

The resident action group KEMP will be attending and also speak to residents after the presentation.

Public Exhibition 13/14 December

Thames Water held a public exhibition at City Hall as part of the public consultation, offering an opportunity for people to find out more and ask questions about their proposals.

Has the consultation process been fair?

Wapping resident Emma Dunsire and her husband who attended Thames Water’s exhibition don’t think so. They feel the public consultation on the Thames Tunnel proposal has been unfair and leaves questions unanswered.

Emma asked Thames Water why material wasn’t available in other languages such as Bengali and Urdu from the start? She questioned why the Wapping and Shadwell communities hadn’t been approached directly? The only answers she received:

…sorry, we have to close for the day!

Read more from Emma below on why she is fighting to keep King Edward Memorial Park green, how you can help by signing the petition and downloading and circulating the Action Group presentation [PDF 1.5MB].

King Edward Memorial Park

A treasured green space for Wapping, Shadwell and Limehouse.

Seen in 2010 blooming summer glory at nearby residents Ney and Phil’s blog and winter sunshine on Wapping resident Mark Baynes Flickr album and King Edward Memorial Park video.

We’ve discovered that many people use the park without knowing its full name, so please take a look.

What is the Thames Tunnel Proposal?

The Thames Tunnel is a major new sewer, needed to protect the River Thames from increasing pollution. The government and EU have set 2020 as the target completion date for the project.

Views are being sought to determine the best route and construction sites.

The public consultation forms the first part of Thames Tunnel’s timetable which closes on Friday 14th January, so time is running out to have your say.

King Edward Memorial Park is listed twice under the proposed construction sites: preferred (foreshore) and shortlisted sites.

Thames Tunnel’s website states “We need a work site to connect the local combined sewer overflow (CSO), known as the North East Storm Relief, to the main tunnel of the proposed Thames Tunnel project. […view pdf].

Brownfield not Greenfield

Wapping resident Emma Dunsire is a member of the action group Keep King Edward Memorial Park Green and urges you to get involved before it’s too late.

Sharing her her account of the Thames Tunnel exhibition on 13/14 December Emma explains why the consultation has been unfair and how you can get involved.

The consultation period for the Super Sewer is almost finished. True, we have been given a token extension. “Token” because it only covers the Christmas holiday, when everybody is either away or looking after their kids off from school and is impossible to organise meetings and reach out to people. So we have to ask ourselves whether this consultation process has been fair and honest.

Most people in Wapping and Shadwell have not heard of the build and the proposed plan for their local park, King Edward VII Memorial Park. The leaflets sent in the post looked too much like junk mail and many people did not take notice.

Thames Water did not feel it was necessary to do the decent thing and approach the communities directly. No presentations were made in either Wapping or Shadwell apart from those couple given in private residential blocks.

In addition to this, the material was presented in English only with a mere couple of lines in other languages telling the reader that a translation could be made available online. The problem is, of course, that many among the Muslim community in our neighbourhood are not computer literate and this would have been lost on them.

But this is not the only reason this process was so unsuccessful. Too much of the little information given was contradictory. At their presentation at Free Trade Wharf, Thames Water representatives assured the residents that they would do their best to take all spoil from the site by river in barges. And yet, at their presentation at the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre (which is mainly a centre for water sports and activities) they claimed the exact opposite: the spoil will be taken by road. This is only one of many examples.

Adjusting presentation according to the audience just won’t do. There is an evident lack of transparency and this must vitiate the whole consultation process. At the last consultation meeting at City Hall when I asked the person in charge of Communication for Thames Water: “Do you feel this consultation was conducted fairly? Why did you not approach Wapping and Shadwell community directly? Why wasn’t the material available in other languages like Bengali and Urdu from the start?” I did not receive any answer and was told that sorry, but they had to close for the day.

Once again I invite the community to get involved, fill in the written questionnaires (Thames Water website DOES NOT WORK) and sign our petition.

How can you help?

Gaining Wapping support

The Action group is gaining rapid support and today meets local MP Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss what the Thames Tunnel plans mean for Waping and Shadwell.

Should Wapping be allowed to have its say?

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  • Paulie K

    The entrance isn’t immediately obvious, it is up a ramp on cable street opposite St Mary’s church

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Have just got hold of the details and updated this page with a link to the map for anyone unsure where Glamis Hall is. Late notice though, so we’ll tweet again and grateful if anyone reading this can help pass word around!

  • Phil

    great, and thanks for retweeting. See you there!

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    tweeted about before Christmas here:

  • Phil

    We have found out from the local Labour Party that Thames Water will give a presentation about this at Glamis Tennants Association Hall on 5.01.11 at 7pm. However we can’t find any publicity about this. Does anyone know if this is happening?

    I would urge people to turn up anyway in case. Though this would be very shoddy if they are doing a presentation but haven’t published it. We have received no information about the plans and only heard about it because James Wallace Wines put some information in their window – well done to them.

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    A post from MP Simon Hughes today suggests the final decision on the route is part of the consultation


  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    is there an alternative site being proposed?

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