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A Wapping Super Sewer

A Wapping Super Sewer

Thames Water’s Super Sewer proposal for the Thames Tunnel could cost Wapping, Shadwell and Limehouse one of its best parks: the King Edward’s VII Memorial Park.

King Edward VII Memorial Park was created in 1910 after the Government decided it was more fitting that King Edward VII’s life was honoured with local commemorations than grand countrywide gestures.

Please see the latest updates on the proposal

It was thought that London was the best place in which to create a memorial to the former King:

Wapping resident Emma Dunsire gives her view why you should sign the petition to keep King Edward Memorial Park Green:

“These extensive works, which will last in excess of 3 and a half years, will damage the mature vegetation and wildlife habitats beyond repair and will make the park, its amenities and the Thames Path unusable for the duration of the Tunnel build”, says Emma.

“Once the works are completed, we will be left with a concrete promontory on the foreshore and two huge buildings that will deface the beautiful riverfront and spoil the view completely. One of these buildings will house maintenance machinery and the other will be a 15 metre high ventilation tower. It is highly unlikely people will feel like taking their children to the playground, walk their dogs or simply take a stroll in the proximity of what is effectively a sewage plant, constantly humming away and venting air from the sewer into the park and surrounding residential area.”

“At present the park is well used by the Wapping community all year round. It provides an oasis in a area where green spaces are scarce. It would be a shame and a scandal if Thames Water were to be allowed to get away with destroying a conservation area. There are plenty of Brownfield sites that could be used instead of ruining the best loved park in Wapping.”

Wapping has until 14th January to register questions, views and complaints with Thames Water.

To support the case against the proposal, please sign the Wapping Petition.

Find out more and have your say before it’s too late!

Thames Water Consultation Questionnaire

Fill out the consultation questionnaires available on Thames Water’s website (www.thamestunnelconsultation.co.uk/).

We have until 14th January to register questions, views and complaints with Thames Water.

After the consultation period is closed it will be very hard for Wapping to get Thames Water to reconsider.

What does the Thames Tunnel Proposal mean for Wapping?

King Edward VII Memorial ParkFind information about the Thames Tunnel Proposal at the Thames Tunnel Consultation Site and details of how it will affect the King Edward Memorial Park including the preferred and shortlisted site details [view pdf].

A public exhibition with questions and answers is being held on 13-14 December from 10am to 8pm at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, SE1 2AA. Visit the Thames Tunnel Exhibition page for up to date details of the event and make sure Wapping is represented.

A Wapping Voice?

One resident has asked if Wapping would like to get together for the the exhibition and put questions in a co-ordinated way? Please use this page to share your views and decide.

If the Thames Tunnel proposal goes ahead as suggested, it will have a huge impact on everyone living and working in Wapping. Please help to pass word around and raise awareness, as time is short.

What does Wapping think?

Please see the latest updates on the proposal

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  • Helen

    There is some support for a SuperSewer located at Shadwell Park, from a few people who live around the Shadwell Basin. They are afraid that Thames Water’s previous, unpreferred option to site SS on the Basin itself will be reinstalled as a viable option should TW fail to get the park. It would be a disaster to site it at either place. We can be sure most of Wapping will henceforth stink of sewage (been to Edmonton and environs anyone? Lovely.) The Shadwell Basin Project and their friends did a splendid job in the 80s saving the Basin from the LDDC’s bright idea to fill it in and stick a helipad there, they must have strong views on a nearby SS? You can be sure once this work is underway anywhere it will ‘need to expand due to unforseen etc etc’ so the plans do not represent the final appearance in any case. Offering viable alternatives might change their mind, I favour one of the industrial sites near Blackwall Tunnel, also nearer Abbey Mills as the SS requires, and pretty grim anyway so minimal change there. Perhaps Shadwell is TW’s cheapest if not best located option, that would explain a lot (eg no compensation to businesses).

  • Anonymous

    Hello Antonia,
    do you think that Great Jubilee Wharf residents will be interested in a presentation that shows the actual impact of the build on our community? Our chairman is an expert civil engineer, specialised in heavy engineering, with years of experience in the field and has put together a short presentation that shows what the site will really look like once is finished and what the works will be like. It only takes 30 mins and it is a real eye opener. Do let me know if you are interested. Thank you. Emma

  • Anonymous

    I really don’t think this Tunnel will benefit London at all. There will be very little improvement in the state of the river (the CSOs will still be discharging into the Thames!); it will cost us a lot of money in a time of economic hardship; it will deface the riverfront in many key places and this will effect the image of London (for instance, how do you fancy a big sewerage plant at the start of the Oxford-Cambridge race being broadcasted all over the world? and then another one on the Chelsea riverfront, one at what is now King Stairs Garden and Thames Water plans to obliterate and finally one in our own park?). They are just creating work for themselves and their contractors in this phase of economic uncertainty building what is a sticking plaster solution to an actual problem. This way they will avoid EU fines (for now) and by the time this is finished we will be on the next economic cycle, a positive one, meaning that by then the Government will have the money (our money again!) to build some proper system (i.e. one that doesn’t allow any raw sewage into the Thames and that separates storm water for sewage

  • Anonymous

    Hi Pete,
    when Thames Water approached our Government and also the EU, they proposed a DIFFERENT route to the one they are planning to go ahead and build now. Their preferred route is merely the cheaper option and it will entail the destruction of our park. The route approved by the authorities did not touch King Edward Memorial at all. We could get away with having our CSO just intercepted. This would mean just a few months of work (rough estimate: 3 to 6 months) and NO unsightly and unhealthy structure left behind. I find it quite formidable that Thames Water should be so brazenly going back on their words and forge ahead, boasting support from Government and European Union, when they actually do not have it (or better, they have it for something else!)
    Other options include: building in the business park across the Highway (buying out and relocating the existing businesses there) or building on the football pitch (relocating it into the park).
    I personally think that, if they really have to waste our money building this farcical, polluting project, they should at least stick to what they originally planned and presented to the authorities and leave our park, foreshore and amenities well alone.

  • Anonymous

    I am personally very unimpressed with the whole project as it will NO prevent raw sewage from being discharged into the river AT ALL. Just 35 of the 57 outlets will be intercepted with this particular route (which is, by the way, a different one to the one proposed and accepted by both Government and EU). Even the intercepted CSOs will still discharge into the Thames on several occasions a year. Thames water calculates that this will happen just on a couple occasions a year but they are using, by their own admission, an historical model to establish that. I guess they have never heard of climate CHANGE… I really don’t understand, when the EU says that it is illegal to pollute the river this way, what do they mean? Is it always illegal or is mostly illegal? Because this Tunnel will not do much environmental in terms. Also, we must not forget that the Super Sewer will still mix storm, grey and sewage waters all together thus preventing the recovery, easy treatment and subsequent reuse of grey and storm waters. How long before the EU decides that this HUGE waste of water is unacceptable? My guess is, by the time this at best second-best (pardon the pun), massively expensive tunnel is done, we will have to fork out for the proper option.

  • Pete


    What are the other sites that are proposed?


  • Antonia MORTLOCK

    To anyone in Wapping who has not yet had the opportunity of meeting with Thames Water, their director of communications and an engineer will be coming to Great Jubilee Wharf tomorrow Wed 15 Dec 7-8pm to give a 10 min presentation and then answer questions on the proposed Thames Tunnel plans. Please let me know if you would like to join us

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    @savekemp are leading the protest for Wapping:

    Join them for their protest at City Hall 6.30pm on Tuesday 14th December

  • http://twitter.com/gendal Richard Gendal Brown

    Hi Torie,

    Even if one accepts that the work has to be done, there are alternative sites nearby that do not involve barricading the Thames Path and destroying the Nature Garden.

    It’s not just local residents who will be affected by the current preferred site: anybody who uses the park or walks, cycles or jogs along the river will find their lives severely inconvenienced.



  • Anonymous

    I agree with Torie that the Thames tunnel work needs to be done for the benefit of London, but i do worry that the character of the park will be permanently damaged. It seems likely there will be a large number of lorries needed to bring materials into the site by road.

    I wonder if it might be possible for these materials to be brought in by the river itself?

  • Torie

    If this goes ahead as planned we will miss the park and area for 3.5 years. But the Thames tunnel work has to be done so I’m not sure what the alternatives are and if they are any better.
    Perhaps I don’t have all the information so will try to attend the exhibition and find out more. I’d ask whether this is a situation where we have to have some short term disruption for a better future? But if there are better alternatives then they should be looked at.

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Thank you for the link, have added to the post.

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock
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