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Thames Cable Car comes to Wapping

Thames Cable Car comes to Wapping

Residents of E1W will be delighted to learn that the route of the Thames Cable Car has been extended to connect Wapping with The Shard and Royal Docks.

Until now the cable car link, which will carry 2,500 passengers an hour 50 metres above the Thames, was planned to only connect the Royal Docks with Greenwich.

Now Wapping residents will be able to travel east to North Greenwich or south to London Bridge and enjoy spectacular views of the Thames and Tower Bridge.

After new proposals were put forward by a Wapping resident action group City Hall decided to extend the route of the cable car.

Italian engineering group Aprilla Sciocco has been chosen to build the Royal Docks – Wapping – Shard cable car link. A spokesperson for Aprilla Sciocco said the new plans were “Uno scherzo”.

Precisely where the Wapping cable car terminal will be built is not yet clear, but it is believed that possible sites are:

  • Tobacco Dock
  • Wapping New Stairs
  • Above Wapping Overground Station
  • Turks Head Cafe garden

Some Wapping residents have voiced concern over the risk of a collision between a plane and the cable car, but a report by the National Air Traffic Service has found the risk of an aircraft accident affecting the cable car would be less than one incident every 15 million years.

It’s unclear at the time of writing, 1 April 2011, if the Wapping Cable Car will be running before the Olympics. But if it is then Wapping can expect to receive a huge number of visitors next summer.

We’re very surprised at City Hall’s decision, but what do you think about the Wapping Cable Car?

Midday update: “April Fool!”

Thank you for joining in the fun and as Norma says, we “hope this is the seed of many laughs to come this year”.


  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.baynes Mark Baynes

     As Wapping will again be ‘locked in’ by the Olympic Priority route I think the Wapping Cable Car people should get a move on and built it! It’s either that or rowing boats to Rotherhithe…

  • Anonymous

    Well i can appreciate your concerns but i think the Cable car coming direct into Tobacco Dock would be ideal, especially for those working in or around London Bridge. And I suppose there might even be people would could commute on the new cable car – London Bridge route?

  • Anon

    It would be good to see Tobacco Dock in use again. Wapping is a good living area due to the relatively crowd-free, peaceful and quiet environment (rare in Central London). Once concern is whether the introduction of the cable car would disrupt that environment with increased people traffic, increased noise traffic, etc.

  • Anonymous

    I would like reinforce the sentiments of Hspearce above. I have no time for serious publications like the What’s in Wapping Advertiser 24 digressing into juvenile comedy when residents of the London Borough of Wapping now rely on it for serious news. I have recently cancelled my FT subscription because I get all the information I need to run A Very Big Bank from this website.

    After reading the news story about the cable car yesterday morning I immediately invested all the bank’s money (well, yours really!) in shares of Aprilla Sciocco engineering group, the manufacturers of the superb Wapping Cable Car extension.

    Now I might not be able to buy my children their own villas!

    Shame! Shame!

  • Hspearce

    I sincerely hope this was not an April Fool’s joke. I was looking forward to the car dropping me over by the hostelries of Rotherhithe. We could do with a ferry across, perhaps one that zigzags back and forth from the ToR to the Angel to the Kidd to the Mayflower to PoW to Spirit Quay …

  • Norma

    When April showers they come your way…… Hope this is the seed of many laughs to come this year, Merry April fools day.

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    heard about the Wapping cable car on the radio this morning, very exciting!

  • Dan

    I’m told they are ‘very close’ to finalising plans for the Paris extension as well.

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  • LKH

    Turks Head Garden please! Then I can grab a coffee just before being launched!

  • Anonymous

    Great idea, can’t think of why this wasn’t thought of earlier. I walk to work at the moment (More London Riverside) but this would probably mean 10 minutes to work? WOW!

    Anyone else going to use this? And will we be able to use our Oyster Cards?

  • Paulie K

    Very good!