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Swan drops in for a visit to Riverside Mansions

Swan drops in for a visit to Riverside Mansions

Yesterday, Saturday 24th March, a beautiful swan landed in Riverside Mansions car park in Wapping during the early hours.

She stayed until mid-afternoon, happily sipping water given to her by residents but the swan didn’t seem impressed with offerings of bread - preferring instead to investigate the rubbish bins for herself.

The car park at Riverside Mansions quickly became a popular attraction, until residents were advised by the RSPCA that the swan needed to be left alone to make her way out of the car park unaided.

In pictures: Swan visits a Wapping car park

“@WappingLondon There’s a swan in the car park!” tweeted @AlexLondonLife yesterday morning. @mrdankay tweeted an hour later: “Swan guarding the bins at Riverside Mansions”!

Swan sits down for a rest and enjoys the sun and attention - picture by Fab


Swan drinking water at Riverside Mansions in Wapping

The stray swan is given some water by residents at Riverside Mansions - pictures by @AlexLondonLife


The swan goes for a walk and stretches her wings in the Wapping car park - picture by Fab


Swan guarding the bins at Riverside Mansions - picture by @mrdankay


Swan searches for food at Riverside Mansions after turning her beak up at the bread on offer - picture by @AlexLondonLife


This isn’t the first time a feathered Wapping resident has strayed from the canal. In 2010 an adventurous cygnet had to be escorted off of the Green Bank estate by the RSPCA after being separated from it’s parents [view 2010 story].

Many thanks to resident Fab for sending this lovely story with pictures and also to @AlexLondonLife and @mrdankay who have also shared their photos.

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  • Spiro571

    Is this London!?!?!

  • http://twitter.com/baynesmark Mark Baynes

    Great photos of our Wapping wildlife!