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Whats in Wapping

Support & Help in Wapping

Support & Help in Wapping

There individuals, groups and organisations in both Wapping and Tower Hamlets who provide advice & support to those in need, particularly the vulnerable, disabled and elderly.

Community support groups and organisations

The Community Support Section of Tower Hamlets website gives details of national and local Support Groups and other useful resources for those in need and their carers.

Help in Wapping

These are people in Wapping who offer help locally, so please use and pass their details to anyone who may be able to use and benefit.  They want to give something back to Wapping and are happy to help in any way they are able.

“David & Nicole”

A married couple living in Wapping invite you let them know how they can help either with practical assistance like errands, cooking and bills, or just a friendly cup of tea and a chat [...read more]

Are you Able to Offer Help in Wapping?

Please Contact Us with details and we’ll add them to this page.