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Smith’s Brasserie Wapping opens 4th May

Smith’s Brasserie Wapping opens 4th May

Smith’s Brasserie Wapping opens on 4th May at 22 Wapping High Street.

The new menu finally appeared in the restaurant window last week next to an official “Opening 4th May” sign.


Original 5th April 2011 article and Wapping map below:

Mike Tavener, the owner of family run Smith’s Brasserie in Ongar, Essex has picked Wapping for his second fish restaurant because he “loves the area”.

Mike tells us his earliest Wapping memory is “sitting on the balcony of the Prospect of Whitby pub when I was 8, looking at the river and eating lunch with my family”.

What can Wapping expect?

“A top class, stunning restaurant in an incredible location” according to 21 year old Melanie Aristidou.

Melanie_AristidouMelanie was mid-way through her three week front-of-house training when we spoke last week and will work part-time at Smith’s in Wapping when it opens. New staff are being professionally trained and study food, wine and service at Smith’s Brasserie in Ongar.

The Wapping menu will be “slightly different” to Smith’s Brasserie, but we can expect fresh fish, seafood and some interesting alternatives.

We discovered that Smith’s will offer a traditional Sunday roast, but cooked off the bone. Melanie explained that this “holds in the taste and makes the meat much more succulent. It takes more effort, but tastes much better”.

Living in Wapping, it’s so easy to take our river views for granted but Melanie reminded us how wonderful they are.

Where else in London can you see landmarks like Butlers Wharf, Tower Bridge and the Shard, still keeping the Canary Wharf skyline in view? It’s really beautiful at times, as we saw during Earth Hour in March [see Mark Baynes] and last week’s red sunsets [see Ian Visits] so we’d like a river table please.

Wapping thanks to actress Melanie Aristidou for speaking to us between her performances in Agamemnon last week at the Brockley Jack.

Smiths Fish RestaurantSmith’s “Opening Soon”?

It’s been impossible to miss the giant sign in the window that appeared in January, but the question we’re all asking is when?

Builders and fitters have been renovating the site for a few months. Last used by Smollensky’s restaurant, it’s been empty for almost five years since closing at the end of 2006.

Residents have been peeping through the windows as they walk past 22 Wapping High Street for tell tale signs and it’s taking shape.

Decorators were spotted painting window frames on the Thames balcony last week. Pots and pans appeared today.

Wapping map

View Map of Wapping London E1W in a larger map

Smith’s Brasserie Wapping
22 Wapping High Street

Tel: 020 7488 3456


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4VKG4YYWXC5TS2AJZA7BFH4JFY George

    Wapping is an environment for many people – it is not the sole preserve of procreators.  There are plenty of people either without children or with children who don’t believe that everyone else should have to deal with their progeny (as the comments on this thread testify). 

  • TE

    used to really like Smith’s but service on the last 2 occasions has been really poor, it’s a shame as it could be a great venue.

  • Lisa

    Pretty sure I saw a 5-6 year old here for Saturday lunch. Anyone know if they’ve amended their policy on kids?

  • DanC

    In most cases, I will be with my wife and child enjoying Bordello, Pasha, or across the street at Kohinor. On a rare night I foresee a sitter and a reservation at smiths with a good meal and an accompanying yet deserved large bill.

  • JcheadIII

    Wapping is a family environment.  If the restaurant descriminates and does not want families after 9 p or in the bar, I can undersatand.  Families should be there on Sunday lunch or before 8 pm.  Otherwise …….

  • Gillianwalker1

    Talk to them, they are family people themselves and most understanding.  But please, do not keep your child amused and quiet by computer games etc.

  • Gillianwalker1

    I fully agree with you Jess, A a first class restaurant with first class staff and most welcoming.  There are plenty of places for children within a short distance.  Ask any child ……. would you like to go to Smiths …. I think the answer would be no.

  • Gillianwalker1

    I am a great fan of Smiths, initially the Licence was restricted but they are now open 7 days a week. A welcome little ‘Gem’ for Wapping I say.

  • Susan

    I think it is outragous that they ban children.  I thought that the restaurant would be a nice addition to Wapping, but that is simply unacceptable. I was initially very happy when I read that a new restaurant would open. I anm very disappointed now and will not go to the playe even without my children.

  • Magano

    Its not open on Sundays either. Perhaps its already gone bust without even starting…

  • Paulie K

    The past two Mondays (and last Tuesday) the restaurant hasn’t been open- anyone know why this is?

  • Jess Keyton

    Firstly, what an amazing restaurant – the food and staff are top class. As a couple without children we welcome one child free place in Wapping besides the pubs that we can go for lunch or dinner.  I think that Wapping is extremely child friendly (which I fully support) and there are so many choices but really appreciate having somewhere guaranteed not to have children being noisy or running around when we just want a quiet romantic evening together.

  • Ant

    Having now checked out the menu, I can see that you’d struggle to spend 200 in there to feed two, but the point still stands. I don’t think it’s too unfair to ask that certain places are child free.

  • Ant

    If I were to spend up to 200 quid in a restaurant for a meal for myself and my wife which is, to be fair, not cheap, I’d be *** off to have snotty, mucky kids as a screaming backdrop to my romantic meal. I’ll be a parent soon, and I’ll make sure I don’t disturb your meals with my smelly little brats. I’ll get a babysitter. Or does this not occur to people who can spend 200 on a meal but not that extra tenner for the three hours you’re out?

  • http://twitter.com/kaimux73 Kai Muxlow

    I agree wholeheartedly. I would understand it if they excluded children in the evening, but Sunday lunch!
    Think it’s a bad move, and out of principle will not be trying it out, which is a great shame as I had been looking forward to it.
    Also found it ironic/ amusing that the reason they have come to Wapping is based on his 8 year old-self enjoying the view from the Prospect of Whitby.

  • NH

    As a parent, I think it’s quite nice to have a child free restaurant. I imagine that for non-parents (or parents trying to have a grown up night out) children in restaurants can be distracting – even annoying. There are lots of child friendly places in Wapping (Bordellos, Pasha etc) for family occasions. But I’m looking forward to booking a babysitter, putting on my glad rags, leaving the spare nappies at home and eating at Smiths without my toddler!

  • Janepfothergill

    Smiths Fish Restaurant.
    Having eaten there on opening night may I say how absolutely superb the food and service was.
    Book well in advance as I understand this weekend is already fully booked.
    Good luck,
    Jane, Capital Wharf.

  • Jcheadiii


    Wapping High Street is a family environment. Having tried to make a reservation for four including my five year old daughter, we were told that the resaturant did not take children. My daughter has been accepted at the Fat Duck, Caprice, Sheekys, Noma, Roca and many other fine and Michelin starred resaturants areound the world. We live on Wapping High Street and had expected a place that we could go to dinner. With this policy we cannot support you and must inform others of your family unfriendly policy. I can understatnd that you do not allow children in the bar or in the restaurant after 9 pm or so, but to have a no cildren policy in Wapping is not very friendly.

    John C Head III
    64 Wapping High Street

  • Lkhenson

    ooh, I am due a lobster feast surely?

  • Theresa

    Can`t wait there other one in ongar is just fab.. lovely to have one on our door step…

  • Dan

    I read on the website for the original location that they do not accept children under 12. I wonder if that is the same case for this one. In either event, happy for the addition.

  • Jayne

    Brilliant news to see the old Smollensky’s site finally put to use after so long and it looks like a great restaurant. Good luck!