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The “Joggers of Wapping”

The “Joggers of Wapping”

Being small and covered in cobbled streets and humps Wapping is definitely not a runners dream!

But watch out!  Joggers may not be a favourite in Wapping it seems…

This YouTube video will have anyone who works, lives or runs in Wapping laughing.  

You’ll definitely recognise some of the people interviewed or running.

But runners are tough characters and it doesn’t seem to have put them off.  They’re still seen jogging in and through Wapping from the early hours through to midnight and all hours in between.

Wapping is perfectly located to explore the river, either east or west.  If you’re willing (and able) to run for an hour, you can head west to the millenium wheel with a choice of which side of the river to run.  Eastern routes have 2 options from Wapping towards Limehouse – either via the ornamental canal and Shadwell Basin, or along Wapping High Street.

We’re not aware of any Running Groups in Wapping, but feel free to post here if you’re looking for a running partner to explore the area with or any tips to share.

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    There are so many joggers in Wapping but as far as we’ve heard there aren’t any local running clubs or groups still running regularly. The Good Gym has had a lot of national press coverage recently and know they’re keen to expand – they do lots of useful jobs in the community whilst keeping fit so worth looking at: http://www.goodgym.org/
    Good luck!

  • Jbick

    Just wondering if the jogging group is still going? If so I would be very interested to join! I’m very new to wapping.

  • Carlosfabris

    Amazingly funny! congrats. But what about installing some traffic lights to control the flux of joggers? cheers!

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Hi Sarah
    What time do you normally run?

  • Sarah

    I run out of Wapping most days if anyone would like a running partner. I tend to do 10k or so in 45-50 mins as a guide…

  • June

    I don’t see any reason why it can’t be mixed running – my only caveat being I don’t run very fast – happy to run 40 to 60 mins

  • josephine

    Veronika – I’d be interested in being kept in the loop re any Wapping-based running group. Thanks!

  • josephine

    Veronika – I’d be interested in being kept in the loop re any running group too. Thanks!

  • James

    Is it only for girls?

  • June

    Hi Veronika – I could be interested if the time / day suits – I tried to find a local running club last year to no avail – and I hate running alone!!

  • Veronika

    Hi Girls,

    Anyone interested in forming a girls´s jogging group with me?



  • Suzie

    Saw this on You Tube a while back but was just as funny the second time round :)