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Roses for Wapping Rose Gardens

Roses for Wapping Rose Gardens

Wapping Rose Gardens will at last live up to it’s name and be filled with beautiful blooming and scented roses.

“Pink and red roses – amazing colours and scents”, says community worker Muksood who’s been digging hard with a team of volunteers during recent weeks.

Old bushes dating back to the 1930’s that stopped flowering years ago have now been completely removed, except for a single bush that flowers and bears a single rose.

The team are planting lovely new bushes along the perimeter beds, creating a new circular rose bed and a herbaceous planting at the entrance to the Gardens.

Wapping Rose Gardens is a much loved and very well used green space opposite Wapping New Stairs in Wapping High Street, with the rear backing onto Green Bank.

Common Ground East – community organisation

Common Ground East (CGE) who has managed the Wapping Rose Gardens project are a charity formed in 2007 by residents and community organisations in Tower Hamlets.

We understand Tower Hamlets council helped with funding for rose bushes via “YouDecide money” that our local Councillor, Denise Jones was key in helping to secure.

Wapping Rose Gardens

Perfect for a stroll with or without a dog and much loved by children of all ages – even playing host to the Children’s Parade at the Wapping Summer Shindig 2011.

Digging the new flower bed in Wapping Rose Garden

Community worker Muksood digging the new circular flower bed in Wapping Rose Gardens

Wapping Rose Gardens is also full of interesting wildlife.

Apart from the resident pigeons, squirrels, blackbirds and visiting parakeets, a robin has moved into the tree behind the circular bed – he tweets really loudly from it every day, so we think he/she approves.

Robin in Wapping Rose Gardens

The resident robin in Wapping Rose Gardens

Roses in 2012 for Wapping Rose Gardens “if we’re lucky”

Planting has now nearly finished in Wapping Rose Gardens and Muksood told us excitedly, “We’ll get roses this year if we’re lucky”.

Nothing’s certain with nature and the weather, but all being well, the first bloom should appear by late spring, with more to follow throughout the summer.

We think it’s fantastic that Muksood and his team of volunteers have given so much time and effort to the project and we’d like to say a Wapping thank you to everyone involved.


  • Petra

    I have such respect for people like Muksood who give up their time for things far too many people don’t seem to give a damn about. I’m over the moon there will be roses in Wapping Rose Gardens as the name always struck me as odd because there were no roses. That said, it’s a lovely place for walking my dogs and it’s so well used by people for all sorts of things. I hope the robin stays too and that photo is amazing!