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Protestors demonstrate against East London NHS cuts outside the London Hospital

Protestors demonstrate against East London NHS cuts outside the London Hospital

Protesters demonstrated last night outside Wapping’s local hospital, the Royal London in Whitechapel against cuts to the NHS and PFI.

Those campaigning included medical staff from across East London and local residents who are angry about pressures on the Barts Health Trust to cut £78 million from its budget this year and the implications of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI).

Under PFI, repayment of a debt takes priority over medical spending by a hospital and protesters claim the scheme privatises the East London NHS by the back door.

A nurse at the London Hospital demonstration yesterday told us: “I’m an intensive care nurse and a cut from nine to eight nurses will mean the difference between life and death”.

Another nurse with twelve years experience told us “Experienced nurses are having their grades and pay cut, whilst taking on yet more responsibilities, losing pay protection whilst earning a fraction of the ‘fat cats’ salaries. It’s not fair, nurses deserve respect and dignity. Patient care will suffer as a result”.

London Hospital demo

Two nurses demonstrate against NHS cuts in East London outside the Royal London Hospital


London Hospital demo

Campaigners against PFI in the Bart's Health Trust outside the Royal London Hospital include medical workers and local residents


London Hospital demo

Demonstrators outside the London Hospital in Whitechapel call for respect and dignity to nurses who are having their grades cut


The cuts will affect everyone – even those with private health care, because in an emergency the ambulance takes everyone to Accident and Emergency at the nearest hospital, sometimes for life saving treatment.

Visit www.saveournhs-el.org.uk for more information and to show your support.

Our local nurses and medical staff are calling for your support to save the East London NHS which serves Wapping from cuts and privatisation.