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Photo of the week: Wapping riverside panorama (best viewed wide)

Photo of the week: Wapping riverside panorama (best viewed wide)

June has been a busy month and we’ve missed three weeks of photos, but thanks to Rob Telford have the perfect picture to catch up this Friday.

Taken at lunchtime on Wednesday 20th June, this beautiful panorama of Wapping’s riverside is made up of three photos–carefully stitched together to make one.

Wapping stretches from the Tower of London, past Tower Bridge to King Edward Memorial Park and beyond. Surrounded by Shadwell and Limehouse. It’s all here:

A Wapping Riverside panorama

We asked Rob what prompted him to take and make this Wapping panorama and this is what he said:

“I work on Shad Thames and the walk down to Rotherhithe is a manageable lunchtime stroll with a camera. The weather for Thursday was threatening rain, so I took my chances with Wednesday’s sun to head a little eastward instead of sitting in the office with a sandwich and a coffee.”

Wapping Riverside Panorama

“Just by the Princes Tower (the tall, white building across the Thames from the Captain Kidd) is one of the last places to afford that wonderful view up to the Pool of London and Tower Bridge. With the curve of the river round to Shadwell and Limehouse emphasising the perspective, filled with Wapping’s rich miscellany of wharves, it’s a natural spot for a panorama. “

“I shot a couple of others with longer lenses and more shots, but this was the simplest, assembled from three images taken with a relatively wide lens and showing off the skyscape over East London to its best advantage; the clouds encroaching on The City and Southwark hinting at the change of weather that was to come.”

Enjoy the view as wide as your computer screen will allow, so best viewed directly on Flickr here, where it stretches as you widen your browser window. Click on the image, make it as big as possible, then sit back and enjoy Wapping’s beautiful riverside.

Please keep adding your Wapping photos to the What’s in Wapping Flickr Pool and help us share the unique views and news we have, both of and from Wapping.

  • Geoff Juden

    This is why Wapping is in peoples souls.