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Photo of the week: The Shard from Wapping

Photo of the week: The Shard from Wapping

We love this unique view of The Shard taken by Tony Young from Wapping last week.

Although it’s almost two miles away, next to London Bridge, The Shard is clearly visible from so many parts of Wapping.

Scheduled for completion in June 2012, there must be thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of photographs taken of The Shard already.

But it’s only from behind Wapping Gardens, looking through the open gates of John Orwell Sports Centre that you can see The Shard like this.

Wapping photo of the week – 20th April 2012

The Shard from Wapping - photo by Tony Young

Designed by Italian Renzo Piano to resemble an iceberg emerging from the Thames, the 310 meter high London Shard has been controversial from the start – opinions about it are as divided and strong as the steel in the construction.

Visit the official website at www.the-shard.com for more information and to follow the latest Shard news.

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    That thing is so UGLY. its messed up the Tower bride view