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Photo of the week: the Wapping duck visits

Photo of the week: the Wapping duck visits

We love this photo by Ash of a Wapping duck admiring the view from his local balcony.

The duck has become a regular visitor over the past week and it’s not clear what is attracting it, but Ash says “it seems to be able to fly in and out with consummate ease!”.

It’s not the first time a member of the local bird population has paid a visit to residents this year.

Back in March a swan popped in to Riverside Mansions, and in April we heard about the Egyptian goose who visited a fourth floor flat twice each day – tapping each time to get in.

Duck on the balcony

This Wapping duck has become a regular visitor to an E1W balcony – photo by Ash

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  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Going by Twitter, they seem to have been seen since 14th June, but not for the last week or so… Do hope they’re ok wherever they are and we’ll keep an eye out

  • Lucas

    I saw mummy duck and three ducklings on Wapping Wall at about 9.15am on 14 June. 2 more ducklings fell from the roof/balcony of New Crane or Metropolitan Wharf, landing next to the parking ticket machine. They seemed to be in distress. Does anyone know if they survived or not? 

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Not sure if either of you saw this on Twitter yesterday, but it seems Daisy decided to take the ducklings on another urban wander around Wapping.

    Initially guarding the newsagent entrance “Aww that’s hilarious… Police at Wapping Wall dealing with a moody goose chasing people away from the newsagents!”
    http://twitter.com/TJStamp/status/213189206229524482“Breaking news: duck & ducklings loose in Wapping. Police on the case. pic.twitter.com/lusdLhrw”http://twitter.com/theNudgeLondon/status/213191017996894208

    All appears to end well, but worth keeping an eye on Twitter for further visits from Daisy (assuming that is Daisy, but looks like her to us?)

  • Ash

     Thanks for the update….

    concerned from Wapping!

  • Rw Millward

    Ash – What’s in Wapping asked me to post that a complete stranger and I rescued a duck who might have been Daisy and her 5 ducklings – mum decided that our carpark would be a good place to settle down and I guess she could smell / hear the river through the window grates.  This man had been watching them walk down Wapping High Street and said they seemed to be lost.  We coaxed them out of the garage and then down to the stairs between St Hilda’s and River View.  A couple of the ducklings needed some help with the steep stairs, but they all jumped in the water and paddled off, seemingly happy and quacking away.  The ducklings were completely unafraid and the Thames should have washed off any nasty human smells!  Mum looked very much like your duck, complete with the blue flash under her wings.  They all seemed healthy and uninjured, just disorientated.