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Olympic travel for Wapping – 20th July 2012

Olympic travel for Wapping – 20th July 2012

Starting today, Friday 20th July bus routes D3 and 100 are temporarily diverted in Wapping until 15th August.

A number of Wapping bus stops will not be served during this period.

Bus diversions for the 2012 Olympic Games will be operative from 20th July until 15th August and then again for the Paralympic period from 25th August until 14th September.

Some pedestrian crossings will be suspended when the full Olympic Route Network comes into operation from 25th July and route and turning restrictions also apply. More details on all these changes below:

Changes to bus route 100

100 bus diversion during the Olympics

Important note about road event days

Please note the 100 bus route will be further affected on Marathon road event days (see below) 5th August, 12 August and 9th September and will be diverted along City Road, Barbican and Farringdon.

Changes to bus route D3

D3 bus diversion during the Olympics

Pedestrian crossings

Some pedestrian crossings will be suspended during the ORN and PRN. TfL have provided this special map for Wapping and Shadwell showing these (currently not available on the GAOTG website):

TfL map showing open and closed pedestrian crossings on East Smithfield and the Highway

View and download a large PDF version of the pedestrian crossing map here.

Wapping roads during the Olympic and Paralympic Route Network periods

For full and complete details of route and turning restrictions, please refer to the large A3 map in TfL’s information pack, or the interactive map at www.getaheadofthegames.com.

The highlighted maps below have been provided by TfL help show the routes to enter and exit Wapping during the Olympic periodds which come into force on 25th July:

Map showing alternative road routes to access Wapping from the west during the Olympics

Map showing alternative road routes east out of Wapping during the Olympics


Road Event Days

TfL have advised that :

“The alternative ORN on road event days will use roads from A1202 Commercial Street and Leman Street, Prescot Street, Minories and Aldgate High Street.   These will form part of the ORN on road event days to link the Olympic Park to the Euston Road and onwards to the A40. This section of the route will be used on the days below:

  • Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 July 2012
  • Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 August 2012
  • Tuesday 7 August 2012
  • Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 August 2012

Normal traffic will still be able to use this route and residents and businesses will still have access to their properties. However, to help keep traffic moving on the route there will be some temporary changes to the way roads in the area can be used.  The changes mean that weekday restrictions on waiting, parking and loading will also apply at weekends when road events are taking place.  The operational hours of these restrictions will be extended from 6am to midnight on these days.”

Road signs and dates on the Olympic Route Network

These are the two signs on the Highway (and now all over London), which from various Twitter comments were causing confusion to drivers and residents:

Olympic Route Network road signs on The Highway - 12 July 2012

Initially, we had understood from TfL that there was an error as some signs were also showing other dates, but TfL have now confirmed that these are correct:

“There are two sets of signage and each is offering a specific message. London has now begun its transformation into a massive sporting and cultural venue and preparations are being made to begin operation of the Olympic Route Network on 25 July; signage along the network advises road users of this with reference to the ORN.  However, we are now seeing the arrival of the athletes and other elements of the Games Family and so we have also been advising that London’s roads will be exceptionally busy between 15 July and 11 September; our signage along the network clearly states to motorists that they should plan ahead using GetAheadoftheGames.com.”

Potential relaxation of access restrictions to Games Lanes

TfL have advised that:

“The operation of Games Lanes will be reviewed 24/7 across the capital from the LSTCC (London Streets Traffic Control Centre).  If, it is determined that the Games Lanes are operating below capacity and that release of this road space to general traffic will be beneficial then traffic will be directed to use the Games Lanes by variable message signs (VMS) at the start of each section of relevant Games Lane.

Therefore, the signage will still give the 0600 to midnight operational times but these may be overridden by a directive from the VMS – much as if a Bus Lane needs to be opened up to normal traffic if there is an incident on the road today.”

Plan your travel during the Olympic period

Use the information here, collect a detailed travel information pack from Wapping Overground and plan ahead how you will travel using www.getaheadofthegames.com.

No one knows for certain how busy the London road networks will become, but this message from TfL says it how we think it will be:

“Public transport and roads will be affected. Don’t chance your travel, plan ahead to avoid delays and disruption to your journeys.

Please help to share this information in Wapping especially with elderly neighbours and others who may not be online or have seen it elsewhere.


  • Rchrd304

    Do you get a fine for doing this?  Or are the fines only for using the olympic lanes?

  • sja

    I have seen so many people turning left into Vaughan Way from the Highway because there really is no reason why they should not be allowed to. Traffic moves quicker if these left turns are authorised. However, because the barriers have been erected (earlier than thought) traffic now grinds to a halt every time someone turns left.

  • Paul_harvey

    Wapping Island…. this is getting to be more like Alcatraz.

  • Stephen Dunne

    What happened to the eastbound bus stops for the D3 ?

    We have the night bus stop outside St Georges, plus the existing 100 stop outside St Pauls. Instead it appears we have to walk back up Cannon Street Road, or pretty much walk to Limehouse.

    TFL/Locog really don’t give a crap about the residents of Wapping, do they ?