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Announcing the new Wapping book club

Announcing the new Wapping book club

Wapping readers got together for the first book club meeting on 3rd May at the Prospect of Whitby pub.

“The first meeting of Wapping Book Club was great, really relaxed, meeting new folk and talking honestly about the book for a while, and then talking a lot about living in the area and the beautiful Prospect of Whitby”, says resident Eleanor Willock.

“I’m looking forward to many more evenings on the terrace with a pint and a literary gossip, it was ace.”

Join Wapping book club at the Prospect of Whitby pub

The Wapping book club meets in the beautiful Pepys Room at the Prospect of Whitby pub every three weeks and the next meeting will be held at 7:30pm on Thursday 24th May.

Image Pepys room at the Prospect of Whitby pub

The Pepys room at the Prospect of Whitby pub - Wapping's oldest riverside pub


The book for this next meeting on 24th May is Jamrach’s Menagerie by Carol Birch. The books are chosen in turn by members, so if you want to recommend a book for review, you’ll just have to go along!

It’s an open invite to everyone and you can turn up – but to make it easier to plan numbers, please try to tweet @ProspectWapping or call Tina or Peter 020 7481 1095 in advance to confirm attendance.

Wapping has been tweeting about wanting a book club for months now, so we think it’s fantastic that the Prospect has taken the initiative and started one!


  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Hi Nicola

    We’re not sure of the next meeting date but the Prospect announces the dates on Twitter – you can see view here, even if you don’t use Twitter yourself. It’s also worth checking in case there are last minute cancellations/changes due to football etc which has happened a couple of times http://twitter.com/prospectwapping

  • Nicola

    When is next meeting please

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    The Prospect had to cancel book club on 21st June because of Euro unfortunately. For the next dates and latest updates, please check with @ProspectWapping:twitter on Twitter (which you can view even if you don’t actually use Twitter)

  • Prospectofwhitby

    Hi the next book is Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch. Next meeting is Thursday 21st June at 7:30pm

  • Lynne

    Wish I had spotted this sooner. I have read Jamrach’s Menagerie too! Maybe I’ll be able to make the next meeting. Please post when it is likely to be.