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Meeting to discuss Pennington Street crime and disorder problems

Meeting to discuss Pennington Street crime and disorder problems

A meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Tuesday 4th February at Studio Spaces, Unit 2, 110 Pennington Street in Wapping to discuss the Pennington Street crime and disorder problems.

Local business owners, Yuval and Ellis of Studio Spaces invite and encourage residents and local businesses in the immediate vicinity of Pennington Street to come along and discuss the ongoing problems and how they can be solved.

Elected representatives for the Wapping area, as well as Tower Hamlets Council and the Police have been invited. At the time of writing, Councilor Denise Jones and GLA member for City and East London, John Biggs, have confirmed their attendance.

110 – 116 Pennington Street

A number of different businesses lease units and operate from individual unit addresses within the Pennington Street site, which is a large building that is physically subdivided into different units.

Operations in parts of Unit 3, The Urban Enterprise Centre, have been the subject of many local complaints about antisocial and illegal operations during recent years.

In March 2013, Police obtained a warrant and cleared the unit of all furnishings and everything involved with use as an illegal Shisha bar [view on Love Wapping].

In December 2013 two people were stabbed and a Police Officer was injured at an illegal ‘Santa Stomp’ rave at the site, which an estimated 1,000 people attended [read more].

The owners of 110-116 Pennington Street are Cetyl International Group Inc. (incorporated in Panama) of Al Mubarakia Ltd. Al Mubarakia also owns the Tobacco Dock building (but not the business inside it), as well as the car park in Wapping Lane and much of the surrounding land.

Making Pennington Street safe and crime free

Residents and businesses have been complaining to the authorities for a long time about Pennington Street but the problems remain.

Many people consider Pennington Street and the area around it unsafe. Local businesses, such as Studio Spaces, are having their reputation and future put at risk, despite them being unconnected with these illegal raves, events and squatters.

Graffiti and litter left inside one of the vacant Pennington Street units following the illegal 'Stanta Stomp' rave in December 2013

A problem big enough for its own meeting

It should be emphasised that this meeting is for residents and business owners in the immediate vicinity of Pennington Street. The meeting is about this issue only.

If you have other problems you need sorting, please get in touch with the local Wapping Councillors directly:

Please share details of the meeting with your local friends and neighbours (if they live in the immediate area), so they can come along and help solve this Wapping problem with help from our elected representatives.

The meeting will take place at 6:30pm on Tuesday 4th February at Studio Spaces, Unit 2, 110 Pennington Street, Wapping E1W 2BB [view map].

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