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Yohji Making Waves at The Wapping Project in E1W (until 14th July)

Yohji Making Waves at The Wapping Project in E1W (until 14th July)

Recently installed in the Boiler House of the Wapping Hydraulic Power Station is Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto’s celebrated and oversized silk wedding dress with bamboo crinoline.

The dress is suspended from metal tanks in the Grade 2 listed (1890) Boiler House’s roof above a huge and bottomless tank of water, where it’s reflected beneath.

Created in collaboration with scenographer and lighting designer Masao Nihei, the installation in Wapping makes up the third element in a series of exhibitions devoted to Yamamoto’s work (see below).

The Wapping Project in London E1W

It’s far too easy to take our wonderfully historic area for granted when you live here. So last weekend we stopped at The Wapping Project and were shocked at what we discovered in the old Boiler Room.

As you walk through the door, the unexpected and calm darkness of the installation absorbs you within seconds. Before we realised, we’d been in the room for almost an hour.

Johji Making Waves at the Wapping ProjectThe magical air of the lights above the water give a soft and gentle glow. Every ten minutes a wave disrupts the calmness slightly and water ripples beyond the falling dress just as Yamamoto disrupted Western design conventions.

Yohji Making Waves at The Wapping Project in E1W

Photos above by Imogen Eveson for The Wapping Project

You can inspect the oversized dress more closely from a small wooden boat that’s gently rowed across the water in and around the centre by a boatman […view our photos].

Yohji Making Waves at The Wapping Project in E1W

Yohji-Making-Waves-dressHighly recommended and exhibiting at The Wapping Project here in E1W until 14th July 2011.

Also see the parallel exhibitions Yohji’s Women at The Wapping Project Bankside and Yohji Yamamoto at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Wapping Project

Yohji-Making-Waves-dressWapping Hydraulic Power Station, Wapping Wall, London E1W 3SG [...view map]

W: www.thewappingproject.com

T: (020) 7680 2080

Find the Wapping Project opposite the Prospect of Whitby pub and look out for the landmarks pictured here.