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Introducing the Wapping bloggers

Introducing the Wapping bloggers

Wapping now has four local resident bloggers who are writing regularly to share local news, views and trivia.

Their time living in Wapping ranges from just a few months to over twenty years.

We’ve setup new aggregating pages for the Wapping blogs on our website here which always show the latest from the bloggers, excluding any of their non-Wapping posts (which you can of course read by visiting their blogs directly).

So who are they?

Pootling around… by Paul Kellaway

Pootling Paul Kellaway has lived in and around Wapping for the past seven years.

A history graduate and a chartered accountant, his blog almost inevitably focusses on the history of Wapping and the East End and understanding the area through data analysis with the occasional review of theatre programmes thrown in.

Paul can be found sitting quietly at Wapping’s bookclub, pub quizzes and at the back of community meetings’ but after spending four hours of his weekend salting local pavements and clearing snow recently, local residents were less quiet, saying “Pootling Paul is a super hero!”.

Visit Paul’s full blog at www.pootlingaround.blogspot.co.uk and follow him on Twitter @eastendwestend.

Theash99′s Blog by Ashok Saxena

Ashok Saxena has lived in Wapping over 20 years and has worked in the City in the field of finance since 1983 after graduating with a degree in Chemistry

Ash has rediscovered a passion for photography over the past few years having switched to smaller compact cameras in the mid 90′s and can be found regularly wandering around Wapping and its environs, laden with a camera bag, lenses and a trusty tripod.

“I love the internet, twitter, blogging, flickr etc etc but technology does come at a cost and I am witnessing the sad demise of the high street and increasing unemployment”, says Ash.

Visit Ash’s full blog at www.theash99.wordpress.com and follow him on Twitter @ash99.

Love Wapping – by Mark Baynes

Mark Baynes has only lived in Wapping for a couple of years but loves the area and considers the people just as friendly as the Basques in his beloved Bilbao. (Gora Euskadi!) Still trying to work out if he is a creative geek, designer or content producer he is currently working on an iPad app which will make Wapping famous as far afield as Rotherhithe.

Mark regards Wapping as still being the centre of the British Empire and can often be found admiring bits of stone designed by John Rennie. Still dedicated to getting all his still shots right in camera he regards anyone who thinks Instagram is cool with total contempt.

Visit Mark’s full blog at www.lovewapping.org and follow him on Twitter @lovewapping.

Caitiewrites – by Caitlin McDonald

Caitlin McDonald’s peripatetic lifestyle has led her to alight briefly in such exotic locales as New York, Cairo, Florida, and Fitzrovia before arriving in Wapping in 2012.

Our newest resident Wapping blogger, Caitlin holds a PhD in Arab and Islamic Studies from the University of Exeter and recently published her first book, “Global Moves: Belly Dance as an Extra/Ordinary Space to Explore Social Paradigms in Egypt and Around the World”.

Visit Caitlin’s full blog at www.caitiewrites.wordpress.com and follow her on Twitter @caitiewrites

Welcome the Wapping bloggers

Please follow them and us on Twitter @WappingLondon and also join our Facebook Page where we’ll regularly share highlights from these, Tower Hamlets council and other relevant websites.

For an at a glance view of the latest blog posts visit www.whatsinwapping.co.uk/wapping-blogs which will take you to the bloggers own sites to read the post in full. You can contact all the Wapping bloggers either on Twitter or via the links on their individual blogs.

A huge thank you to the four Wapping bloggers who have had great feedback this year already.