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London International Tattoo Convention 2013 at Tobacco Dock in Wapping

London International Tattoo Convention 2013 at Tobacco Dock in Wapping

The ninth London International Tattoo Convention takes place at Tobacco Dock in Wapping from Friday 27th to Sunday 29th September 2013.

For three days, Grade I listed Tobacco Dock warehouse at 50 Porters Walk will be packed with the world’s best tattoo artists practicing in public, alongside exhibitions, musical acts and entertainers.

The International London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco Dock is now the biggest tattoo show in the world bringing over 20,000 visitors and worldwide media attention to Wapping.

Captain Cook, Wapping and Tattooing

The great explorer Captain James Cook who started work as a young sailor on a merchant ship hauling coal from Whitby to Wapping is thought to be key in the European discovery of tattooing as art.

Cook explored the Pacific in the eighteenth century, taking artists and scientists on his voyages where they first met people who practiced the art of decorating the body using a bone needle to force natural dye deep into the skin. He then brought the news home with him and body art and decoration was observed in Europe soon after.

Watching artists at work during the Tattoo Convention last year, it’s impossible to conclude they are anything other than highly talented artists – some of the best in the world in fact

So maybe it’s more about art being drawn on skin rather than paper or canvas.

A tattoo artist sketches new designs at the 2012 Tattoo Convention in Tobacco Dock

A tattoo artist sketches new designs at the 2012 Tattoo Convention in Tobacco Dock

Tattoo Convention Wapping

London Tattoo Convention

"Eyes Open"


London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco Dock: 23 - 24 September 2011


Finding breakfast close to Tobacco Dock

This is a question we were asked many times on Twitter during the 2012 Tattoo Convention from early arrivals wanting somewhere to breakfast in Wapping on the way, so here are a couple of suggestions:

Cinnamon cafe: conveniently located on Wapping Lane halfway between Wapping Overground and Tobacco Dock, Cinnamon offers wonderful coffee, sandwiches, pastries, croissants and cakes to die for [read review].

Turks Head cafe: slightly off route, but not much and it’s the the place to go if you fancy a full English breakfast, but there are also sandwich and a range of Mediterranean and Turkish options. [read review].

The 2013 London Tattoo Convention at Tobacco Dock

Find Tobacco Dock at 50 Porters Walk in Wapping, E1W 2SF [view map].

For more information about all the artists, attractions and entertainment and to book tickets for 27th, 28th and 29th September 2013 visit www.thelondontattooconvention.com.

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  • James W

    It’s great to see so many people from all over the world visiting Wapping this weekend and it’s really brought some life to the place. I live nearby too and everyone I’ve met has been very friendly and polite so I have no problem with it and we do live in inner London after all.

  • http://lovewapping.org/ Mark Baynes

    Great! Tattoo convention! I love it and am so glad it is in our lovely Tobacco Dock! Just off there now for a peak :)

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk/ What’s in Wapping

    Hi Leslie, you’re of course entitled to have the opinion Tobacco Dock encourages anti social activites if that’s how you feel.

  • Leslie Brook

    Are only positive comment allowed. Is it forbidden to criticize Tobacco Dock and the anti social activities it encourages?

  • Leslie Brook

    Nightmare for residents

  • http://CosmeticTattoo.org/ CosmeticTattoo.org

    Sounds like it will be an interesting convention, best of luck to the organisers.