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Il Bordello – Restaurant Reviewed

Il Bordello – Restaurant Reviewed

CJ Duffy and David Vigor shared their wonderfully illustrated journeyessay of Wapping [...view here] on the site last month and consider Wapping their “spiritual” home.

As an “honory resident” CJ shares a Wapping Writers review of Il Bordello, our Italian Restaurant which he’s summed up as:

For only twenty pound a head, I would highly recommend Il Bordello as a fine, friendly place to eat.

Having stomped around the wide ranging traditional East End of London, bone weary and foot sore we (my colleague Dave and I) made our way back to our ‘spiritual’ home of Wapping

il BORDELLO Restaurant Wapping LogoNow it was time for relaxation and food and where better than the curiously named Il Bordello that sits on the elbow of Wapping High Street as it curves into Reardon Path.

Il Bordello is as Italian as you will get outside of Naples. As you enter, you are met by genuine warmth from the Italian waiters as they greet you dressed in their red bow ties. They gently guide you to your table where an embracing atmosphere sparkles as friends, family and  couples enjoy the ambience that washes over you.

We glanced at the menu which offered a rich and diverse collection of temptations, pausing momentarily, uncertain if we want a first course starter or not. Dave decides against but I go for a plate of wild mushrooms coated in garlic. Dave goes directly for the main course selecting a dish of Medaglione di Filetto con Porto e Stilton (steak, stilton and a generous splash of Madeira sauce) whilst I choose the Salmon Tagliatelle. Dave is driving and so orders a beer whilst I go with a diet coke.

Close by a couple of lovers sit bathed in the light of their own intimacy. He has his booted foot nestling between the girl’s open, embracing ankles. They were so enrapt in their own world that we, and the rest of the dinners, faded from their view.

The food is delicious, the waiters both polite and helpful as they ignore our tragic attempts at ordering in Italian.

The mushrooms were delightful with just enough garlic to kick the taste buds into action. The effect is explosive and quite literally prepares me for the next course. There is a brief interval between courses typical of the unhurried and quite frankly sensible Mediterranean way of eating that is so at odds with the old English method of sit down, serve up, eat and go.  The Salmon, when it arrives, is beautifully cooked and crumbles beneath my fork. It is a mouth watering dish that I eat with relish as Dave demolishes his steak like an emaciated wolf. My wife would like it here and I must remember to tell her of it later.

Il Bordello Wapping DessertHaving had a starter I pass on the desert. Dave though finds the chocolate desert irresistible and orders the same which he again devours as soon as it arrives.

Review by: CJ Duffy


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  • Macattack

    I do not know if it was because of the lobster or the restaurant but the first lobster of my life was very nice! Everything is fresh and I liked the atmosphere. This will definitely be one of my favorite Italian restaurants – not only in London but world wide.

  • Wapping Fan

    We can certainly recommend this restaurant…and we have enjoyed it for many years now. I can’t resist commenting on the fact the name means “The Brothel” in Italian. They have another sister restaurant in Limehouse area (just across from the Gordon Ramsey “The Narrow”) call “La Figa”. That translated is even funnier for a restaurant name….

  • Debbie Berg

    I’ve found the food here to be as authentic as most good Italian eateries, although some staples are missing. Better pizzas than Pizza Express. Not expensive here either. But the ambience is not always good and yes, best go on a night it is not too busy. Only problem is working out when that is liekly to be.

  • Fiona

    I think you’re both right but it depends the day and time. I go here a lot (so yes I do like it a lot or wouldn’t keep going back!) and it is such a different feel weekdays to Saturday and Sunday as well as lunch or dinners – early or late. So pick the day and time depending what atmosphere you want
    But lovely food almost all the time.

  • Natalie

    You’re sooooo right. Went last night and still feel full now :)
    But agree about the mushrooms, they’re divine!

  • James

    No disrespect to the Queen :)
    But agree with everything you say, just that they need to reduce their portion sizes. It’s a great place and their seafood is my personal favourite.

  • http://fishywords.blogspot.com/ C.J. Duffy


    You are one hundred percent right; more of a family restaurant than for lovers although the couple I mention were oblivious to anything. I think had the Queen dropped in the said pair wouldn’t have noticed.
    Il Bordello is great for parties and groups but less so, as you say, for couples.

    All the best,


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  • James

    I love Bordello’s but generally try to starve myself before going due to the huge portions. Great as their food is they might like to look at reducing them slightly to reduce waste as most people end up having to leave quite a lot of food.

    Otherwise agree it’s a great place, if slightly noisy and overcrowded at times – good for friends and events but not the place if you want a quiet meal for two :)