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Il Bordello – Resident Reviewed

Il Bordello – Resident Reviewed

Il Bordello FoodLiterally meaning “brothel”, Il Bordello has great food, atmosphere and service.  It’s difficult to find a bad review anywhere.

The con, is that your waistline will suffer due to the enormous portions, so you have been warned!  Sharing is an excellent option as it means you can sample more delicious dishes before reaching exploding point.

It’s a  firm Wapping favourite for both locals and visitors.  Always full, which speaks for itself.

Great for lunch or dinner, Il Bordello is one of those places that work for any occasion – big groups, a relaxed catch up with a friend or a romantic dinner for two.  The staff are just so friendly without being over attentive and in Mediterranean style, children are doted over.  But strangely if you go for an “adult” meal you don’t normally notice children – possibly because they’re well looked after and too busy eating!

It’s difficult to write about my favourite dishes as there are just so many – the pizza is amazing and truly Italian (the tomatoes have flavour!), the pasta dishes are wonderful especially seafood and fish.  But then a vegetarian friend raves about the meatless pastas and another about the steaks.

We all agree the home-made deserts are incredible, but to be able to really enjoy them you need to hold back on the main courses; if you don’t the Italian ice creams and sorbets are a better choice.

Don’t forget to check out the electronic cheese grater!

I’ve never had any type of special request questioned or turned down which is a luxury these days where many restaurants either take offence or have a one size fits all approach.  The bow-tied, waistcoated staff just genuinely seem to want you to enjoy what you eat.

Il Bordello also does take-outs which are a good option if you don’t fancy cooking but want some tasty home cooked food and you can call ahead and they’ll have it ready for you to collect.

Reviewed by: Sandy

Il Bordello’s doesn’t appear to have a website but without doubt it is a unique Italian restaurant that has helped put Wapping on the map.

Blog Reviews

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So do you agree with Sandy and the bloggers?

  • Matt

    I have been there a few times over the years. The first time I had one of the worst bits of meat I have ever been served (duck breast) and the second, the service was embarassing. The pizzas are better in one of the chains around Wapping. Having given this place a few chances I fail to see why it invites such a loyal following.

  • Bill

    Love Bordillos – it’s so rare to find a place with brilliant food AND atmosphere/service