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Historical Saint Peter’s Church

Historical Saint Peter’s Church

St PeterSurviving floods and the blitz, Saint Peter’s Church is now a historical East End landmark.

It was awarded Grade 1 listed building status in 2007 for historical as well as architectural interest making it one of only 13 Grade 1 listed buildings in Tower Hamlets.

St Peter’s dates back to 1856 at a time Wapping was cut off from the rest of London by the docks. The area was one of the poorest in London with a mix of poverty coupled with prostitution and criminality.

It was the first Anglican mission to the poor of London and continues to provide invaluable support to both the poor and local community in Wapping today.

Stop the Rot!

The future of St Peter’s is now uncertain unless urgent funds can be found to address critical rot and maintenance problems.  A fundraising group is currently being setup to raise cash to try and save the historical buildings.

To find out more about the history of St Peter’s visit the church website at www.stpeterslondondocks.org.uk/ or email contact@stpeterslondondocks.org.uk

For information on “Stop the Rot” and enquiries relating to fundraising events contact wappingstoptherot@gmail.com

Stop the Rot Fundraising Events

Stop the Rot Mini MarathonFundraising event details are being added to the Facebook Page which you can view even if you’re not a facebook user

To get involved and join the fundraising team email wappingstoptherot@gmail.com.

Boot Sale Sunday 10 September

A fundraising boot sale was held in incredible October sunshine at the St Peter’s Centre in Wapping Lane.

Previous Events

A Mini-Marathon [...VIEW PHOTOS] took place on 25 September and fundraisers ran and walked around …and around …and around Shadwell Basin.

A Wapping Treasure Hunt was held on 2 October as part of the Story of London Festival with 18 teams taking place.

Donate or Get Involved

We’ll update with a link for online donations as soon as it’s available but until then please contact wappingstoptherot@gmail.com to donate or get involved with fundraising.

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  • Paulie K

    The Living Room will be in Prohibition not Strada, and presumably the meal at The Dine is valid at its sucessor?

  • Geoffrey Juden

    Stop The Rot Christmas Raffle Tickets draw 12th December after mass St.Peter’s Centre. Tickets £1.00 per strip from wappingstoptherot@gmail.com.

    Prizes to include:

    A Christmas Hamper
    The Wapping Project (Dinner for two, value of £100.00)
    Meal for two, plus guest wine at The Living Room, formerly Strada in St.Katharine’s Dock
    Meal at The Prospect of Whitby Public House
    Meal for 2 at The Dine
    Osteopathy Treatment
    Two meals at The Cape- South African Pub/Diner.

    We still need to raise funds for our church, please give generously.

  • Helen

    Well I got a few bargains in the rain, shame about the weather. Perhaps indoor bootsales in winter are the answer. Missed the cake stall.

  • Yvonne

    We are still trying to set something up. Should be very soon though! Just Giving won’t have us as we don’t have a charity number.

  • Wappingstoptherot

    Boot Fair this sunday Stop The Rot @ St.Peter’s Centre. Starting 12 noon. Buy something for Christmas and support Stop The rot.

  • James W

    Has anyone heard anything on this as I would/still will donate if someone gives a justgiving link?

  • Robin

    @Brock – but he could have helped and didn’t, so still gets poor marks! :-)

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    Just to let you know that I am now in touch with the team and will hopefully have some buttons ready in the near future….Geoff you’re off the hook ;-)

  • Brock

    I’ve not yet heard from Yvonne, so if anyone else involved in the fundraising would like to take me up on my offer to sort out a ‘donate’ button, please get in touch.

  • Ash

    Thank you for the update Yvonne and Brock and “What’s in Wapping” for offering to help. Apologies if I appeared critical but it was a little frustrating to observe the lack of organisation and missed opportunity for fundraising, as I am sure there are many highly qualified church goers at St Peter’s who could be helping you – where are they???
    Appreciate you taking the time to reply here as I know there are not enough hours in the day at times and I’ll look forward to finding out how to donate!

  • http://www.WhatsinWapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Thanks Brock, sounds like an excellent idea!

    If you’re able to help the church setup the payment side then send the link over, we can easily add a big button on the website as well as details on the Facebook page.

    A bit of twittering should help too especially if any followers, (including Geoff!) retweet any fundraising tweets!

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    And how have I missed Geoff’s twitter (http://twitter.com/geoffjuden)? Definitely following now.

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    Hi yvonne,I’m sure I can get you a donate button up and running at little to no cost-worst case a %age of donations so no direct cost to you…. contact me using the form on my website.

  • Derian

    In lots of ways, they really aren’t helping themselves :(

  • Paulie-k

    Geoff tweeted that £1k had been raised from the mini marathon the day it took place.

    I’m surprised that the parochial church council isn’t a registered charity- I had previously looked for it on the charity commission’s website. The requirements of reporting for a small charity aren’t onerous and are easily outweighed by gift aid, which isn’t hard to administer.

  • Yvonne


    Geoff is involved and yes I think the overall target is 70K but 20K is how much we’re setting our sights on in the near future. Progress is slow partly because of the amount of commitment the current committee can afford to give – I’m a single mum with a hugely busy full time job for example! If you do have ideas or would like to get involved – particularly when it comes to getting the, much needed, internet donation button sorted – we would be very pleased to have you on board.

  • Ash

    Thank you for the update Yvonne but I agree with Robin.
    I’m sure there is an accountant who would be willing to help since with gift aid plus a button to donate I am sure monies would increase significantly with little further effort since at the moment it’s not even clear how anyone can donate!
    Where is Geoff in all this, as it would be a good one for him to get involved in and help sort out?
    Also is it £20k or £70k you are trying to raise?

  • Robin

    @Yvonne, is it not feasible to register as a charity or to set up a separate body (if St Peter’s can’t do this) with the charitable objective of funding repairs to the building? I’m thinking that donations can then be gift-aided, which would help towards achieving your target. Maybe the Committee can ask for an accountant to volunteer, say, one hour’s free advice to help to make it easier and quicker both for you to raise money and for interested people to donate?

  • Yvonne

    Hi there,

    I am a member of the committee. We’ve raised 800 over the last couple of weeks with the treasure hunt and the mini marathon. We have looked into a Just Giving page but, as St Peter’s isn’t a registered charity it doesn’t qualify unfortunately. There should, hopefully, be something being put in place but, in the meantime you can donate directly to the church bank account. We will post details on here when we get permission from Father Jones.

    Basically, the building is in a severe state of disrepair with dry and wet rot – along with a number of other ailments! We are trying to raise 20,000 in the next year which is obviously quite a target.

    There is a boot sale this coming Sunday in the car park at the St Peter’s Centre. Pitches cost 10 each and can be booked through Christine on 07891138950. Set up from 10am and gates open to the public at 12:00pm

  • Ash

    Could someone from Stop the Rot update progress?
    On the facebook page someone has posted there is an event next weekend but no one replied when or where. I am very supportive of the cause but it’s increasingly hard to be – do we know who is in charge of the fundraising please as would be useful if they could let us know what’s going on and how people can donate?

  • Paulie-k

    Probably doesn’t help that Fr Jones has quit his blog and the church’s website isn’t updated regularly.

  • Ash

    A few options if they investigated properly and the tax on donations can be reclaimed. Instead of having to raise £70k they would only need to raise about £55 so it’s a no-brainer.
    If they are serious about stopping rot they really should sort it out and do more to advertise events and progress. Like a few others I would have sponsored one of the runners last week but couldn’t find anywhere to donate so maybe someone can write a regular update for the website to publish.

  • Paulie-k

    There’s also virgin giving, which markets itself as being cheaper but have never compared service provision.