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Hermitage Community Moorings in Wapping

Hermitage Community Moorings in Wapping

As part of the annual London Open City weekend you’ll be able to visit Hermitage Community Moorings, see historic vessels and find how this close knit part of the Wapping Community live and preserve Wapping history.

London Open House Weekend

When: 18th – 19th Sept 2010 10am – 4pm (last entry 3pm)

Where: Hermitage Community Mooring, 16 Wapping High St, EW1 1NG (…view map)

London Open House: Details and information on all architectural openings (http://www.londonopenhouse.org)

Hermitage Community Moorings is a co-operative that provides berths for up to 20 vessels: enabling a mixture of live-aboard, recreational and visitor use as well as well-managed river access for local people, including educational and recreational facilities.

A Fascinating & Hidden Treasure in Historic Wapping

Hermitage Moorings BoatThe infrastructure is designed to create a small, close-knit community of people committed to boat use and the preservation of historic craft.

Part of the ambition is to ensure traditional river craft (e.g. sailing barges, tugs and motor craft) remain part of the Wapping landscape for future generations – and to create a local landmark that promotes Wapping’s historic links with the river.

Hermitage Community Mooring

This extract is taken from MillenniumPeople [...read full post] and explains how this close-knit community in Wapping live as part of a co-operative society.

The Hermitage Mooring development is a beautifully executed architectural project. But it is also a proposition for the re-evaluation of the metropolitan citizen’s relationship to landscape. Perhaps most of all, it is a bold political statement – the result of a very personal struggle by its founders to demonstrate the possibility of individual will against established authority.

Located just below Tower Bridge, and completed less than a year ago, the development consists of twenty moorings (primarily for historic boats) attached to an elegant central pontoon that houses the community room and other common amenities. The whole structure is then connected back to the Wapping shoreline by an articulated walkway.

A Sense of Place – Anchoring Heritage at Hermitage

HermitageMoorings‘A Sense of Place’ is an oral history project being led by Hermitage River Projects, a dynamic river-based charity located on a site of historical and archaeological significance, just downstream from Tower Bridge, in the heart of what was once the navigational centre of the City of London.

Together with Hermitage Community Moorings, Hermitage River Projects has created an historic harbour to ensure the preservation of traditional river and sea-going boats including Thames sailing barges, tugs, fishing vessels and coasters. Some of the boats are over 100 years old.

All are navigable ex-working vessels that have been lovingly restored

Through the funded project, Hermitage will collect images, film, documents, archaeological finds and histories of the site, and the historic boats, to create an archive that will be a source of information for events in the Pier House (the mooring’s floating community space).

During the project we will be training community volunteers to help us in interviewing and recording the reminiscences of watermen and lightermen, and those working the tugs, barges and tourist boats, the fire, police and the other varied craft that populate the river.

Launched on Saturday September 11th, it coincides with the Mayor’s Thames Festival River Parade [http://www.thamesfestival.org/weekend/detail/thames_festival_river_parade/]

A Fascinating & Hidden Treasure in Historic Wapping

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  • gillian lawrence

    “A Sense Of Place” We’re off! One day of training done so far and after weeks of excitement, Dr Sarah Byrne, project and study manager, is calling us to launch fully into our major River Thames volunteering enterprise, “A Sense Of Place” based at The Hermitage Mooring, Wapping. This is a project full of enthusiasm and concerns itself with who and what is on the river now. A fully detailed structured plan is in place: Now for the hard and illuminating work. Look out for some fabulous photos as the seasons change.
    The mooring is a great place. Who’d have imagined such a base!
    Speak soon.

  • josephine

    Yes, just turn up between 10 – 4pm Sat or Sun.

  • http://www.WhatsinWapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Hermitage have confirmed that no booking is needed.

  • Catherine
  • Adrian

    I believe you have to book according to the open city guide I received and says the same on their website.

  • Robin

    Do you have to book, or can you just turn up?

  • Catherine

    This looks great and superb to know about, as live abroad now but will be visiting London during this weekend.
    I actually lived in Wapping for 3 years in the 1980′s and know so much has changed since my time there and never knew that this existed so I’ll definitely be paying a visit.