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Don’t forget to vote on 22nd May in the elections in Tower Hamlets

Don’t forget to vote on 22nd May in the elections in Tower Hamlets

Wapping residents are reminded to make sure they use their right to vote in the elections taking place in Tower Hamlets this Thursday 22nd May 2014.

There are three different polls taking place in Tower Hamlets this Thursday and each election has its own voting system, so residents are urged to be prepared and follow instructions clearly. There are three polls taking place:

The Mayoral Election will decide who will be the next Mayor of Tower Hamlets. There are ten candidates to choose from and voters will be given a peach-coloured ballot paper and will have up to two votes. You can vote once for your first choice candidate by marking a cross beside their name in column 1 and vote once for your second choice candidate by marking a cross beside their name in column 2. You do not have to vote for a second choice candidate, but you must cast a first choice vote for your ballot paper to be counted.

The candidates for the Tower Hamlets Mayor election are:

  • Reetendra Nath Banerji, Liberal Democrat
  • John Biggs, Labour
  • Reza Shoaib Choudhury, Independent
  • Hafiz Abdul Kadir, Independent
  • Mohammed Kowaj Ali, Independent
  • Nicholas McQueen, UKIP
  • Hugo Pierre, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition
  • Lutfur Rahman, Tower Hamlets First
  • Chris Smith, Green Party
  • Christopher Wilford, Conservative

For the Tower Hamlets Council elections, each voter will get a yellow-coloured ballot paper and will vote for the number of candidates shown at the top of the ballot paper. The number of candidates you can vote for in your ward will depend on how many council seats are up for election in that ward. Following boundary changes, there are now different numbers of councillors (one, two or three) to be elected in different wards. In the St Katharine’s and Wapping ward, two local councillors will be elected from the nine candidates proposed.

The candidates for St Katharine’s and Wapping ward in the local council election are:

  • John Denniston, Liberal Democrat
  • Julia Dockerill, Conservative
  • Denise Jones, Labour
  • Neil King, Conservative
  • Stuart Madewell, Tower Hamlets First
  • Ahad Miah, Tower Hamlets First
  • Grenville Mills, UKIP
  • Robert Scott, Labour
  • John Venpin, Green Party

For the European Parliamentary election (London Region), each voter will get a white ballot paper and vote only once by putting a cross in the box next to the party of their choice. The election is for eight Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) who will represent London for the next five years.

If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the elections, you can call Electoral Services on 020 7364 0872 or you can email: vote@towerhamlets.gov.uk. You can also find information online about the election and candidates by visiting: www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/vote

In order to vote, you need to be registered. All eligible voters should have already received their poll cards.

Usual polling station may have changed this time because of the ward boundary changes for this election (45 councillors will be elected to represent 20 wards). The address and map of your allocated polling station will be shown on the poll card. You can check where your polling station is located by using the online polling station finder (go to: www.towerhamlets.gov.uk/vote) or call the Electoral Services helpline on 020 7364 0872.

Polling stations around the borough will open from 7am and remain open until 10pm.

Vote in Tower HamletsIf you didn’t receive a poll card or have lost it, don’t worry – you can still vote if you are registered to do so.

If you have applied to vote by post, your postal vote pack has or will be sent to you shortly. Completed postal votes must be received by the Returning Officer by 10pm on Thursday, 22 May. If you have already applied for a postal vote, you cannot vote in person at a polling station. However, you may hand in your completed postal pack at any polling station on 22 May.

Please remind your Wapping and Tower Hamlets friends and neighbours. Don’t forget to vote this Thursday 22nd May 2014.

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  • http://www.robbiescott.com/ Robert Scott

    I think we all know that the borough can do a lot better and John Biggs is best
    placed to deliver change on Thursday. John was an extremely popular St Katharine’s
    and Wapping Ward councillor and has done a phenomenal amount of work around
    KEMP and the Olympic Road closures as our GLA member.

    This is my first time running in a council election and I don’t think there could be
    a greater privilege than representing the ward where you live and grew up.
    Wapping hasn’t always received its fair share of resources. Money will be tight
    over the next four years but that does not mean we should not gat our fair

    Politics needs to stop at 10pm on Thursday and residents need to work very closely with
    whoever is elected. Two potential GP closures, the London Docks development, a
    new Secondary School and KEMP are not political footballs they have a huge
    impact on the life and wellbeing of residents and councillors have an important
    role to play.

    Denise Jones has been our local councillor for 20 years and has an track record of
    delivering for residents – whether that be securing CCTV in Wapping Woods or
    leading the campaign after the stabbings in Pennington Street. If i turnout to be half as
    good you’ll be very well served indeed.

    We also have an amazing group of candidates running in the European elections!