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Disabled Parking in Wapping (update)

Disabled Parking in Wapping (update)

Wapping used to have 3 disabled parking bays, but they disappeared. There was one opposiste the Police Station, another next to the Town of Ramsgate pub and a third near the Wapping Project, but they are gone.

LBTH Council had previously been approached by a number of residents and failed to respond, but Councillor Emma Jones has recently obtained a reply:

[View LBTH Response: PDF (2.5MB)]

In short, a specific process has to be followed requesting disabled parking for a particular are. LBTH will then consider each specific location named individually .

LBTH were asked about disabled parking at the Memorial Gardens for people paying their respects but concluded free use of pay and display facilities were adequate.

Should Wapping begin the request process to reinstate dedicated disabled parking?

What Do You Think?

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  • Helen

    The disabled spaces (two of which were eventually dedicated ie tied to a particular user/residence and so not for general use) were in constant use, not necessarily with a disabled parking permit within them! The general/public use one opposite the Kidd disappeared a couple of years ago much to the inconvenience of my family members with walking problems. Of course such folk (or their drivers) can park anywhere where parking is allowed. LBTH’s letter seems preoccupied with parking fees. Cost is not the issue, it is a spare *space* that is required. Also, the Memorial Garden parking at Hermitage is often full up esp at weekends and there will be some pressure from the restaurant nearby, some of whose customers will be disabled. Anywhere parking is stretched to capacity you can bet one or more cars will have brought someone with a disability, and several more who can’t walk far will have driven away due to lack of space. A few spaces isn’t much to ask, compared with Car Club’s generous allowance. The letter does indicate how one formally requests disabled spaces, so let those to whom this matters get on with it, if we don’t ask we won’t get.

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    I dunno where to stand on this… I can see why people might be indignant about the removal of disabled spaces, but can anyone back this up with information on how often they were used?

  • Derian

    This shouldn’t have happened! Perhaps publicising this in the Health Centre might generate some support too?

  • John

    Three disabled car spaces removed but then again they created new club car spaces where they had double yellow lines. So the disabled only need to get the use of a club car and they can then park in those spaces in Wapping. They will probably get hit by a bus while trying to get out of the spaces where the double yellow lines are but Tower Hamlets prove how much they care by generating more money for half witted ideas such as this. Another reason why local people should be dealing with local issues in the local area. The disabled need parking spaces, hardly rocket science unless you are a Tower Hamlets councillor, then it’s frontal lobotomies R us.