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Confirmed: 2,500 military troops will move into Tobacco Dock

Confirmed: 2,500 military troops will move into Tobacco Dock

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond confirmed today, 17th July, that 2,500 of additional military personnel being deployed on Olympic Security operations will move into Tobacco Dock.

The population of Wapping will increase by almost 20%.

A further 1,000 members of the military will be accommodated in buildings on bases, TA Centres and in special temporary accommodation in Hainault, Essex – making up the G4S shortfall.

This follows our speculative post yesterday [view here] after members of the army were first seen moving into Wapping.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond’s official statement (unedited)

“Including the additional 3,500 personnel announced last week, around 17,000 members of the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force are now involved in the Olympic security effort. Working alongside the police and civilian contractors, this is a complex task and since last week’s uplift in the military contribution we have been working hard to ensure that our Armed Forces are accommodated appropriately and as comfortably as possible with access to sufficient rest and recreational facilities and that their collective contributions to a successful Olympics is appropriately recognised”

“I am confident that the Tobacco Dock will allow us to do that and our priority over the coming days is to ensure that happens as quickly as possible. Our Armed Forces are used to short-notice deployments and dealing with the unexpected which is why I am confident they will do a superb job in assisting in the provision of security for the world’s largest sporting event.”

Army troops move into Wapping’s Tobacco Dock

The official statement from the Ministry of Defence says “personnel will start to deploy to the site this week”, but as we saw yesterday – they were already deploying and have continued to deploy further today.

The entrance to Pennington Street is closely guarded, but opens for kit deliveries, new arrivals and visitors:

Image of Major General Norton leaving Tobacco Dock

Major General Norton leaving Tobacco Dock at 4:50pm on 17th July 2012


The rear of Tobacco Dock is quiet, but never quite empty and troops can always be seen in the background:

Image Military troops at Tobacco Dock in Wapping

Military troops standing at the rear of Tobacco Dock in Wapping


Residents who require further information about the Armed Forces at Tobacco Dock can contact the MOD Olympics information line on 07879 603506 or send an e-mail to LONDIST-MoDOlympicsEnquiries@mod.uk.

View our previous post [view here] to see what the Grade 1 listed Tobacco Dock warehouse looked like last time we saw inside.

What’s in Wapping welcomes the troops to Wapping and a friendly trooper told us that they hope to be able to visit our local pubs, shops and area very soon!

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  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    Hi Beanies Mum! It’s very sad that so many summer holidays have had to be cancelled but the troops seem to be settling in well under the circumstances and we’ll keep you updated here as much as we can

  • BeaniesMum

    Can I just say a BIG thank you for this post. As a military wife and mother, we are presently without our newly-returned-to-the-UK soldier until mid August – all very short notice, and our summer hols are cancelled.  Just knowing that there are kind, thoughtful people out there, like you D.Shinkins, warms my heart, and will certainly do the same for the troops (along with their tummies!).

  • D.Shinkins

    Welcome to Wapping!!! As Wapping residents we should organise a bake-a-thon to say thank you for doing a good job at short notice and missing out on time with their own families. Make cookies and take them to tobacco docks, make banners to support them, cheer as they go past anything to make their stay here better.

  • http://www.whatsinwapping.co.uk What’s in Wapping

    2,500 will be moving into Wapping, but a further 1,000 troops will be living elsewhere in London – including Hainault Essex

  • http://twitter.com/baynesmark Mark Baynes

    Welcome to Wapping!