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Green tokens mean Wapping cash: Community Matters at Waitrose

Green tokens mean Wapping cash: Community Matters at Waitrose

Three Wapping good causes receive a share of £1,000 every month from the Waitrose Community Matters initiative.

As customers, we choose how the money is shared between organisations by placing the green tokens given out at the till in a box near the exit. The more tokens a group gets during the month, the more cash they receive.

The charities and community groups are picked from customer and staff nominations.

We need to tell our branch which good causes we want them to help, as some months they’re not receiving enough nominations and want to help as many organisations as they can

Community Matters at Waitrose St Katherine Docks

To nominate a local group just pick up a leaflet in the store and pop it in the box or hand it to the Welcome Desk after completing a few details.

Eligibility is very flexible and the good cause does not need to be a registered charity.

Our Community Matters coordinators here in Wapping’s St Katherine Docks branch are June Edwards and Ann Kyriacou (pictured above with Branch Manager, Helen Edwards).

June and Ann will be happy to answer any questions about the scheme or nominations and can be contacted at the branch […view details].

May 2011 Community Matters local causes

The three community groups asking for your help during May are:

Image Green tokens Community MattersThe Douglas Bader Foundation: The Bader Braves

The Douglas Bader Foundation was formed in honour of Sir Douglas Bader in 1982. Sir Douglas became an inspiration after world war 2 for demonstrating the ability to “get on with your life”.

The Douglas Bader Foundation set up the Bader Braves to acknowledge the bravery of children with limb deficiencies and other disabilities in their effort to lead normal lives.

The foundation offer unique experiences and opportunities to help improve life skills and increase confidence in these brave children.


The Dystonia Society

Dystonia is a disabling condition which causes painful muscle spasms. Dystonia affects over 40,000 people in the UK both children and adults, but as yet there is no cure.

It is particularly distressing when it affects children.

The Dystonia Society is here to give information and support to those affected.


Save King Edward Memorial Park (Save KEMP)

Save KEMP is fighting to save Wapping’s well loved “Shadwell Park” from being transformed into a building site for Thames Water’s “super sewer”.

King Edward Memorial Park is one of the only remaining parks in Tower Hamlets and the only green space for Shadwell residents.

The park is well used by the community throughout the year. Most local people here live in flats and many in overcroweded conditions with child poverty in Tower Hamlets the highest in the country.

Save KEMP strongly feel these kids should have at least one green space where they can go and enjoy some fresh air, kick a ball around or ride their bikes.

For more information visit www.Save KEMP.com and view campaign articles here on What’s in Wapping.

Support Wapping community groups and good causes

Use your green chips wisely when you shop at Waitrose and if you know of a local group that could benefit please make an effort to nominate them by completing the form in the store.

As well as extra money, having their name and community objectives displayed at the exit of a busy store raises local awareness and is fantastic free publicity.

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  • Anonymous

    Well top marks to Waitrose St Katharines Dock for supporting the local community – unlike a certain local pub i won’t mention the name of! (Captain Kidd – oops!)

  • Toni

    Aaron, I usually just help myself. The tokens are kept in tubs by the cashier, just grab a handful and spot them in the slot for SaveKEMP ;o)

  • Aaron

    Wonder why despite shopping there pretty much every day for a year, including some big shops at the weekend, I’ve literally never been handed a token? Do you have to specifically ask, or know some kind of secret handshake to get one?