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Coffique Cafe – Resident Reviewed

Coffique Cafe – Resident Reviewed

Coffique, a New Coffee Shop, opened today just opposite Wapping Station.

It’s a compact little place with three armchairs as well as benched seats and chairs; it has room for about a dozen people seated before it would feel cramped.

They offer the usual coffees (latte,cappuccino and espresso) plus sandwiches, snacks and smoothies.

My latte (£2.05) was very smooth and tasty – the coffee used is Illy and was excellent, I had to stay for another!

The staff are very friendly and helpful, and the décor is clean and stylish throughout, though the ceiling isn’t finished and looks quite ugly.

They have free WiFi for customers, which works nicely (get a code from the staff) and their armchairs are nice and comfy.

A steady stream of people while I was there (around 2.30pm, there were 5 or 6 people stopping or passing through)

It seems a little….noisy…surprisingly. I brought my laptop down to do some work, but with their radio and traffic from outside it wasn’t quite the oasis of calm I’d hoped for. Its compact size means you’re subject to the conversation of other patrons and the staff.

The current opening hours are planning to be 7am-7pm Monday-Saturday, and possibly Sunday morning, and its positioning outside the tube station makes it an ideal stop on the way to or from work, though perhaps not quite as suitable for an afternoon’s laptop work or lazing with friends.


  • Very good coffee, decently priced.
  • Attentive and friendly staff.
  • Free wifi.


  • More a place to grab a coffee and run, rather than lounge in.

Resident review by: Paul


  • Thierry

    Really enjoyed a few visits already:
    The coffee is perfect, the hot chocolate is heaven, the milkshakes are divines and the cupcakes are from another planet (those who have tried them know what I am talking about here ;-) !

    1/. Friendly & smiling staffs
    2/. quality ingredients to make great quality products
    3/. reasonnably priced
    = Perfect recipe for success in Wapping

    Good luck!

  • Jason

    I stopped for my free coffee yesterday and was disappointed which was a shame.

    Outside was fun and jovial with the clown and face paints etc but inside the atmosphere was tense and staff were stressed. To be fair there were a few customers but they seemed happy to wait. I asked for my coffee and was then asked to pay. When I queried it I was told I would have to wait a long time for a free coffee and it would arrive when it arrived – I went outside to wait as requested. After half an hour I had to leave, so didn’t actually get to try the coffee!

    The website is a great idea though and I like the twitter feed.

  • Simona


    Just had my first coffee there. i am italian and i like illy, it was nice and correct size for a cappuccino instead of the usual pint of milk you get in london. It’s small and nicely done, the furniture suits the size and it looks clean and tidy and hopefully it will be kept like that which is nice.

    WiFi i think adds a lot and i do agree with the other comments that it’s more suited to grabbing a quick coffee unless they start putting some free newspaper and then u are more encouraged to sit for a bit longer….

    I honestly hope COSTCUTTER doesn’t open, it;s a disaster for wapping, it adds zero value and it doesn’t suit the village spirit/look of wapping. I don’t understand why they need to put a costcutter here where people are quite wealthy and not in need of a shop like that. i honestly hope they fail if they open so that they can shut it down and open something interesting and more of value added. I am really really annoyed about this costcutter story.

    we need more original shops in wapping like a proper delicatessen (maybe french?) or something along those lines….DEFINITELY NOT A COSTCUTTER!!!!!!!

  • Melanie

    ps Great idea for a website. Much needed for Wapping and saw the 2 articles about it in Docklands newspaper about it.

  • Melanie

    It isn’t a place to relax, but the coffee is excellent.

    I think we now have a nice mix in Wapping – the Turk’s Head is great to sit outside in the summer and eat brunch, Gastronomica is where you relax with the Sunday papers or go for relaxing tea and cakes in the afternoons and this is good for a very nice coffee and a quick sit down or take-away

  • Steve

    Great to have a new coffee shop in wapping,the place looks great and the coffee is the best in the area. The service is very friendly as well.Good luck and hope you are a great success

  • Pamela Anderson

    I have to say that it is best coffee that I have tasted in a long time
    I am ALWAYS greeted with a friendly smile =)


  • john

    spence, every one likes the the coffee and the service, maybe you don’t know the the good coffee when you see one.

  • http://www.paulbrockphotography.co.uk Brock

    Great to see official responses on here Ruby and welcome to Wapping! Any comments on the noise levels inside, is it something you’re stuck with or do you have cunning plans to make it quieter?

  • http://www.coffique.co.uk Ruby

    Hi Spence

    Sorry to read about your bad experience regarding your sub standard Latte. We take all comments seriously, whether positive or negative.

    Please do re-visit so that we can address your comment by proving to you that Coffique do make exceptional good Illy coffee.

    Spence, your coffee will be on the house!

    See you soon

    The Coffique Team

  • http://www.coffique.co.uk Ruby


    Coffique is Wapping’s one and only ‘coffee boutique’ a place where you can enjoy a good quality cup of coffee served with a warm and friendly smile.

    We provide the world’s finest tasting coffee……. Illy

    Whether it be for a much needed Cappuccino, Mochaccino or merely to grab an Espresso on your way to work, you will find Coffique on your doorstep.

    You can find us opposite Wapping Station on the corner of Wapping Lane and Wapping High Street.

    We are open 7 days a week from 7.00am and 8.30am at weekends including Sundays.

    ~Cappuccino ~ Espresso ~ Latte ~Teas ~Fresh Sandwiches ~ Wraps ~ Paninies ~ Salads ~Pasta Boxes ~ Pies ~ Sausage Rolls ~ Cakes ~ Pastries ~ Cookies ~ Frappes ~ Shakes ~ ~Real Fruit Smoothies

    We look forward to seeing you.

    The Coffique Team
    0207 488 0510

  • James

    Agree Doug. I’ve been there 3 times now and great service and best coffee in Wapping. Reckon Spence must have just had a bad one!

  • doug

    everytime i go into the coffee shop i am greeted with a smile and the service is exceptional and i had a great coffee and experience and will be definitly telling my friends about it and returning!!”!

  • Spence

    Went in for the first time today. Good location, nice decor but my take-out latte was half liquid, half foam and therefore poor value compared with other places.

  • Jonathan

    Thanks for the speedy review Paul. Take ages normally to know what else has popped up in Wapping and I normally take the the bus rather than station so don’t directly walk past it.

    Agree with the coffee, Illy is a safe bet and always excellent. Nice comfy chairs, friendly staff but a bit crowded when I went although was late morning so almost lunch.

  • Shazia

    Charity shop in Wapping would be nice maybe

  • Dan

    Shazia – between the Best One and all the small off licenses in the area, I don’t think Costcutter adds anything new to the area. That being said, I have no idea what might work well in that space. Any thoughts?

  • Lynne

    Great coffee and wifi

  • Phil

    Agree – nice coffee, great location, WiFi is a massive bonus. Just not a relaxing place and very noisy

  • Shazia

    Why no Costcutter Dan? But agree about the cafe – the station reopening is really starting to change Wapping now people can actually get to/from it

  • Dan

    Certainly looks nice from the outside and look forward to stopping inside for a coffee. It is a welcome addition to the street and hopefully one of many new places to arrive on the scene now that the station is open. Really hoping Costcutter doesn’t open and excited about what could go there if they’re not granted a license. Was thinking a cafe but looks like the area now has quite a few!

  • Jay

    Hot off the press :) . Yes, also popped in yesterday and agree.
    Very noisy but in my view, the best coffee in Wapping

  • Fiona

    Good review Paul Popped in today to check it out and agree with everything you say.
    Great having wifi that’s free and fast!